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Dropping milk feeds at 9 months - advice please

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gardenveggies Thu 01-Sep-11 20:13:17

Currently DS is on 4 FF milk feeds a day - probably around 25floz. He eats two meals a day - BLW - quite heartily! His feeds are (approx) 7,11,3, 6.30

Next week we'll regularly start with 3 meals. Which milk feed should I drop? What makes sense?


Seona1973 Thu 01-Sep-11 20:54:19

is he cutting down on any feeds? - thats when I started cutting out bottles. No need to cut any out until he starts losing interest in one of them. DS dropped his 11am feed around 9 months and dropped the afternoon one around 10 1/2 months - he was on 3 meals from 6 months though. Your lo is not taking excessive amounts of milk (20oz minimum recommended from 6m to 1y) so be guided by him as to when you should cut the amounts down

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