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Immediate vomiting of new food?

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Cheria Thu 01-Sep-11 16:08:06

DD (6m) is being weaned on purées. She started a few weeks ago and so far has had apple, pear, carrot, sweet potato, potato and courgettes. No problems at all.

Today I made a leek and potato purée (which was bloody delicious) but as I put the first spoonful in her mouth, before she even had a chance to swallow it she started making makes. Fair enough, leeks are a completely new taste.

So she swallows it, starts coughing, her eyes well up and she projectile vomits.

Literally within less than 30 secs of swallowing it.

I'm fairly sure she can't have choked. Can shemake herself sick from not liking something or is it possible the new taste made her panic which made her cough.. etc? Anyone got any idea? I'm not used to a sicky baby she has hardly ever been sick or even spit up since she was born.

Cheria Thu 01-Sep-11 16:31:44

OK, I decided to do the bike method and just try again immediately. She made a face but was fine then wanted more. And more. And more. So back to usual.

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