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stage 2 weaning HELP!

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mummytasha11 Wed 31-Aug-11 21:03:46

hi everyone,

looking for some advice/help really, my ds is 7 and a half months and loves his food, but im stuck for ideas for his lunch/dinner meals?
I got the knack of puree'ing veg/fruit and freezing portions but I think he should be moving onto slightly more textured food and I dont really know where to start?

At the moment he is having

: breakfast - cow and gate porridge/ weetabix
: lunch - usually a jar and a pot of fruit
: for dinner he has been having jars as well recently

He also has had toast/scrambled egg/slices cooked veg..he quite likes finger food

Does anyone have any good recipes or ideas what I can give him?

Antidote Wed 31-Aug-11 21:13:01


things that go down well with DS here include

Ratatouille (sp) often with a bit of ricotta or philadelphia cheese mixed in
Bolognaise sauce
Meatballs with tomato sauce, especially with lamb mince
Mushrooms in creamy sauce
Salmon in creamy sauce
Bread sticks
Boiled new potatoes (weirdly he just likes them very plain!)

I tend to keep aside a bit of what we have for supper the night before, then mash it up with a fork.

The Baby Led Weaning cookbook has lots of nice (and easy) recipes including really yummy fried rice balls which make great finger food.

CubiksRube Wed 31-Aug-11 21:44:07

DS is almost 7 months and is on 3 meals per day - we do a mix of BLW and purees. With the purees, I load the spoon and he uses it. With the finger food I've found the best way is to just give him a selection and get on with whatever I'm doing - if I watch/micro-manage he throws it on the floor and messes about but if I pootle around, he'll polish it off very quickly.

Breakfasts: any kind of fruit cut into sticks, wedges or cubes. Toast with fruit puree as a 'jam'. Toasted oats mixed with greek yoghurt and mashed fruits. Mini wheats soaked in breast milk as finger food; dried apricots/dates (without stones obviously).

And then all other meals I just make a mix of different types of foods and try to make it balanced. I don't really do recipes as I'm not much of a cook, but I can prepare simple things and put them together ...

Carbs: rice cakes, bread sticks, toast, potato (new potatoes, boiled and cut into chunks), sweet potato (steamed and in wedges), ryvita; pasta (penne or fusilli but loves playing with spaghetti or indeed noodles!).

Protein: chicken (he is just getting to the stage when a small leg is a great thing, but previously chicken strips); chunky fish like mackeral that can be cut into finger food, more mushy fish like plaice that can be mashed, homemade 'kebabs' i.e. beef with egg and breadcrumbs and herbs fashioned into little 'fingers'; a simple lentil/any veg stew; or indeed any grilled/roasted meat cut into baby-sized chunks he can just gnaw on; hummus is very popular.

Veg: broccoli/purple sprouting broccoli goes down VERY well just steamed and plain; roasted pepper strips; green beans; asparagus, parsnip (great shape for finger food too); guacamole (same as hummus, v popular); baby sweetcorn, mashed peas with mint; a thick butternut squash soup (goes well with toast); baked red onions with rosemary (grabs an entire onion and stuffs it in his mouth); roasted courghette strips; spinach mixed into any puree; sugar snap peas steamed lightly.

Dairy: I just give simple cubes of cheese, or cheese melted into purees sometimes; cottage cheese; boiled eggs cut into wedges (mess!), scrambled eggs goes well with toast or occassionally for breakfast; the occassional spoonful of greek yoghurt as it's nice and creamy.

That was long! I have just realised my son eats better than I do.

CubiksRube Wed 31-Aug-11 21:48:41

Occasional* Occasionally*. Doh. Have been misspelling that since year 6.

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