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So long ago, have forgotten it all - starting again with 18 week old...

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Pootletrinket Sun 28-Aug-11 21:42:21

DD2 had been sleeping through the night (with an 11pm feed) for several weeks. 10 days ago, in addition, she started waking at 4am for another feed. Hungry baby formula stopped this for a night or 2, but not long. Try as I might, I couldn't get any more milk into her during the day.

So 2 days ago (after trying to work full time on this sleep pattern!) I gave her baby porridge. I know current advice is 6 months, but DD1 also started with similar pattern around 4 months; talked it through with nurse on Friday as she had her jabs and she was surprised advice is currently 6 months but agreed it fluctuates.

So, we've carried on with milk being her main food and then, twice a day, after her bottle, I've been giving her the porridge (which she loves, seemed to take to this spoon idea much quicker than I remember DD1 doing, but then she's been getting very animated while we eat for weeks and making chewing motions with her mouth, so think she's been paying attention!).

My question is, should I leave it like this for a while longer (the 4am waking has stopped, fingers crossed it remains that way); should I up the feeds or should I introduce more variety? Tried giving her a teeny bit of carrot mixed with some formula but she gagged on it, so stopped that straight away.

Sorry for the basic question, weaning first time around was over 4 years ago, but may as well be 10 years ago!


Pootletrinket Mon 29-Aug-11 22:19:57

Any tips at all?

Cheeseandbiscuits Mon 29-Aug-11 22:44:13

I weaned at 18weeks and pureed all sorts of fruit and veg. DD loved it. Sweet potato/carrot/parsnip/banana/apple/pear etc. Got the Annabel Karmel book. It's helpful!!

Pootletrinket Wed 31-Aug-11 07:15:56

Thanks - think I'm just out of practice plus she's teething pretty badly so a bit out of sorts at the moment. Loving the porridge but spat out the carrot! Will try a different one tomorrow when I'm not at work all day!!!

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