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starting on solids but drinking less milk (FF)

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ckny1 Sat 27-Aug-11 20:05:33

I just started introducing my 5.5 mo to foods like pureed carrots and potatoes this week, which he LOVES, but it seems he is now drinking one less bottle a day. He's only having a small ice cube tray of the food (mixed with a few drops of formula), so it doesn't seem enough yet for him to reduce the milk.

Luckily he was always a big eater, so maybe now his milk consumption is closer to average, but I'm curious to know whether this is common.

Also, he has mild reflux, which I thought would be better with certain foods, but it seems the colour of his puke now just takes on the characteristic of the food du jour (i.e., orange like the carrots, or starchy like the potato!) Can I start to give him food now without the milk in advance (as advised in many books/sites?)


Timeoutofmind Sat 27-Aug-11 21:32:28

I found my DD was sick quite a lot when we first started solids (she also has mild reflux), but this calms down as they get used to it.

I give milk feeds around an hour or more before solids and I find she is hungry for both this way, and milk is much more important at this age.

She is now nearly 8mo and is only now showing signs of dropping a bottle, so the way we're doing it appears to be working.

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