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7 month old Wont eat solids

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ledkr Fri 26-Aug-11 17:58:54

Hi dd just 7 months has been ill this week with a chest infection and is completely refusing anything but milk. She was getting along ok with blw and the occasional puree but not brilliantly but no wont eat anything at all.She is on high cal milk for slow weight gain and altho had made up her weight is now looking as if she is losing again.
Is this normal during an illness? She seems well now and has done for 2 days but still wont eat.

Flisspaps Fri 26-Aug-11 18:13:36

Yes, just keep trying and she should pick it up again - just think, when you're under the weather, you probably don't always feel like eating either smile

ledkr Fri 26-Aug-11 18:28:32

yes i did think that,i think its frustrating cos she was hardly a joy to wean and had just got going properly when this happened.I worry when she cries that im missing her being hungry. Thanks.

FetchezLaVache Fri 26-Aug-11 18:31:21

I think it is quite normal- whenever DS is ill he only wants breastmilk. We BLWed him and he didn't really cotton on to solid food until about 9 months- now, at 16 months, he eats like a piglet! I really wouldn't worry. Hope she feels better soon!

MrsTerryPratchett Sat 27-Aug-11 03:10:26

DD eats solids like someone is taking it away. She still just wants BM when she's sick. I think it's probably an evolutionary thing. It's the one thing they know will make them well quickly.

cantmakecarrotcake Sat 27-Aug-11 18:13:08

My DD did the same. Once for chicken pox and once for a nasty cold. I actually gave her (and me) a few days break from solids, went back to milk and then started over. Otherwise you end up battling and getting no where.

DD, is also small at 7 months so I share your concern over making sure she's growing properly. But I'm sure they'll all get there in the end. Hope she's better soon.

ledkr Sat 27-Aug-11 19:57:20

Thanks,she is full of horrible gunk so i have bought some fruit puree which will hopefully be easier to eat,she has a cleft palate so i am gussing its a bit more un comfortable for her to be bunged up,i will call the cleft nurse on Tuesday.

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