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How much Bf at 16 months

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onlylivinggirl Mon 22-Aug-11 11:49:07

I am not sure whether DS has too much breast milk /feeds or when I need to cut down. He is 16 months he always has milk in the morning before breakfast and last thing at night - if I am around during the day he will try and feed a lot (f tired etc) and will probably have a bf around 4 or 5
If he is with DP he has the morn/eve ones with me and will have abottle around 4 or 5. At nursery he doesn't have milk during the day at all.

He is a very fussy eater at home but not at nursery- I am not sure if it is the milk or the environment (nursery say he eats everything)

skybluepearl Mon 22-Aug-11 19:37:41

i was doing about 2 feeds - morning and evening.

AngelDog Sun 28-Aug-11 23:11:28

20 m.o. DS has an absolute minimum of 5 feeds a day, but it varies from about 5-15 feeds, I reckon - probably averaging 10 at the moment. He's a reasonably good eater, sporadically fussy but not consistently so.

I'd follow his lead as to how much milk he needs.

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