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Reassurance needed with starting out...can you take a look

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Risette Mon 22-Aug-11 09:43:13


For the first 5 and a half months I ebf my dd. At the last monthly check up she hadn't put on any weight so started introducing one bottle of formula.

I also started introducing solids, and I feel a bit overwelmed with all the changes. Especially now that I have introduced more bottles.

I try to trust my instincts but the last check up gave me a bit of a shock - hence the need for the reassurance. This is what I'm doing now at six months. Does it look ok?

7am Wake up and bottle 8fl oz
11am fruit puree equivalent to half a jar (breast few mins)
1pm bottle 7fl oz
4pm vegetable puree (breast few mins)
7pm 8oz bottle and bed

This is early days, I know I need to start getting on to three meals, so a bit of advice from you all would be helpful thanks.

mousesma Mon 22-Aug-11 09:48:50

That looks fine, at this age food is not really needed as such and is just offered to get them introduced to the idea of food. There's hardly any calories in fruit and veg purees so if you're worried about weight gain then you need to increase the milk not the food.

No need to rush to add a 3rd meal, it's still early days you could afford to wait at least a month if you want to.

At this age we were also just starting weaning and DD was having 2x7oz bottles a day plus 5 or 6 breastfeeds plus 2 meals.

milkyjo Mon 22-Aug-11 13:01:59

They say aim for 3 meals a day at 7 months so you've got plenty of time. Looks like you have a nice routine there. It may be a good idea to offer breastfeeds before solids as milk is more important at this age, but its entirely up to you and your DD really. If you find she's cutting down feeding time she may be getting too full up on solids to take much milk. It is mostly trial and error (like most aspects of parenting!) Did the HV tell you to give formula or was it your decision?

Risette Mon 22-Aug-11 13:15:03

thanks for the comments.

Yes my doctor (i live in france) told me to introduce a bottle. However, I've more or less cut out breastfeeding now with the other two bottles. I decided to do that. I have an appointment next week with the doctor.

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