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Middle of the night pooing - argh!

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Pickering Mon 22-Aug-11 08:36:59

We are on week three of weaning our 24 week old baby and he's doing really well - enjoying his food etc. He has baby cereal and fruit for breakfast, veg and fruit for lunch and the same for tea.

He's got into the habit of doing one huge poo a day - but unfortunately this is at about 4/5am. The new solid food pooing is obviously more taxing and he's waking to strain and poo and then really difficult to resettle for the remainder of the night (plus often ending up with poo explosions in his sleeping bag - great!).

Any suggestions about ways to 're-set' his poo clock would be very much appreciated!

HappyAsASandboy Mon 22-Aug-11 10:22:19

My DD struggled with her poos for about the first month of weaning, including a period of night time pooing. She would also look completely surprised every time she did a poo, but then I guess it would be a strange sensation if you'd only ever had soft ones before grin

Try to keep his fluid intake up - I found that my twins both really cut down on BF for the first month two months of weaning, resulting in harder, less frequent poos. They weren't very good at taking water from a cup or bottle and weren't hungry so didn't feed from me. I found that as they grew and got more active, the hunger crept back in and the number if BF crept back up - they're on about 4 or 5 BF in 24 hours now.

Once the liquid consumption stabilised, their poos softened and are normally only done in the day. I do still get the odd change to do in the early night time (8pm ish).

HumptyDumpty1 Mon 22-Aug-11 10:40:01

My DD is exactly the same! Bang on 5 o clock! No advice though, just amused me that the timings are very similar!

Pickering Mon 22-Aug-11 11:19:42

Thanks for tips re fluids. Also, glad to hear we are not alone, but not sure that makes it less annoying!! smile

chocolateteabag Thu 25-Aug-11 22:35:35

My DS occasionally has night poos - even at 10 months. We have tried to check what we've fed him when it happens - only thing we think might make a difference is not feeding him fruit at teatime.
Welcome to the wonderful world of poo - it gets worse before it gets better I'm afraid - espcially the more active they get sad

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