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Which book would you recommend on BLW?

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Clueless79 Mon 22-Aug-11 04:47:09

I'm wanting to get ahead and prepare for weaning PFB so just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a great guide to BLW? Am thinking so far of combining the traditional approach with BLW and need to know more.

idlevice Mon 22-Aug-11 05:25:36

You don't have to have a book as it's quite simple, ie just feed softish solid foods that babe can pick up by themselves & bone up on recognising gagging vs choking & what to do if you think babe is choking. There is loads of advice on the net & plenty of food ideas/recipes. The only book I know of is Gillian Rapley but I didn't bother with it. There are recipes books for finger foods though, like Annabel Karmel, which I got from the library but lots of hardcore BLW-ers don't bother with specific foods, just give bits of the family's regular foods.

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