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Dropping milk feeds 8.5 months

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milkyjo Sun 21-Aug-11 19:01:58

Started DS on solids at 5 months and since going up to 3 meals a day he has had 4/5 breastfeeds a day since about 6.5 months. However, the past week he has not wanted at least two of these feeds. I presume this is his way of telling me he doesn't want milk anymore but i thought he would drop just one first. I worry that he wouldn't have a feed between lunch and tea at 12 and 5pm so I've given him rice cakes or fruit. Is this what I should be doing as everywhere tells you that he should still have so much milk? I cannot physically force my boob into his mouth! I was planning on stopping breastfeeding when he reaches 12 months but now I'm worried it'll be sooner. Also he has been teething for what seems like months but his top front ones are going to come through in the next few days by the looks of it, could this be why he's not so keen on his milk feeds? His first feed of the morning is fine and also last thing at night, its just the inbetween ones. If anyone has any experience of this I would be grateful to hear from you? Thanks.

Nagoo Sun 21-Aug-11 19:08:32

DD is the same, but she dropped her feeds earlier, about 7.5 months. I waited until 6 months to wean but she took to it and much prefers dinner to milk!!

I was a bit worried as the only feeds she has are bedtime and dreamfeed.

HV told me that it's normal for them to be dropping milk feeds and fine for her to have water with meals and to make sure she gets plenty of cheese, yogurt, cows milk in cereal.

She's bright eyed and bushy tailed so I've decided not to worry.

WRT stopping BF I don't think she will, I was a bit shocked by the speed in which DD dropped the feeds but she definitely wants BF at evening times still, and I did BF DS just evenings for a long time with no supply issue.

beatofthedrum Sun 21-Aug-11 19:10:49

How funny, 5 mins ago I started an almost identical thread in the Br&Bo Feeding section - I'm in just the same position. Hopefully should be fine smile

milkyjo Mon 22-Aug-11 12:45:52

So DS had a nice long BF at 10:15 this morning even though he had first milk feed at 7 and a large breakfast at 8! One of his top front teeth is through so he may just have been off milk feeds because of that. Oh well, its not like we have boring same routine days!

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