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I really need advice on the best and the essential equipment... please help me :)

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Jodiebelle Fri 19-Aug-11 18:25:05

Hello fellow mummies, this is my first post on here so please bear with me...

I really need some help... I am first time mum at 20 years from England BUT currently living in a different country! My daughter is 15 weeks old and starting to show teeth growng, bless her! Seeing as I am living in a different country you could only imagine the difficulties I am having with talking to the doctors and nurses, therefore, I am relying on the internet and books.

I will be going back to England for a week and wanted to get a head start and buy the equipment I will need for weaning my daughter...I would be very very greatful for anyones suggestions or any advice you can offer!

Thanks in advance and sorry for the essay he he...

2ddornot2dd Fri 19-Aug-11 23:34:38

Ice cube trays, Plastic spoons (at least a dozen), bibs, about three plastic bowls and plates. A food processor - one of the little stick ones would do if you have to carry it back with you, freezer bags.

You will also need a highchair, or something else you can sit her in where she can't escape, but you will probably have to buy that at home.

The idea with the food processor and ice cube trays is that you cook a load of carrot or whatever, mix up with the food processor until it is completely smooth (adding milk to make it runny - whatever baby usually drinks) and put it in the ice cube trays. When it is frozen you put the food in the freezer bags, so you can wash up the trays and put another delicacy in them. This is much, much cheaper than buying baby food.

You might also want to buy some baby rice, and mine both liked vanilla porridge which is a powder you find in the baby aisle which you mix up with milk.

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