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Swallowing chunks of food = tummy ache?

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Ineedcake Fri 19-Aug-11 17:09:47

My DS has been on solids since 6mo (now 9.5mo). We're doing baby led weaning mainly, although he will let me spoon feed him things like porridge.

He loves his food and will try anything. He still doesn't have any teeth and will bite off (or 'gum off') bits of food like cooked pepper and swallow chunks, also things like raisins/sweetcorn (finding bits in his nappy, lovely grin).

Problem is he seems to get a lot of tummy ache/wind/strains a lot before pooing and I can't help thinking he's struggling with the bits of food moving through his system.

Has anyone found this? Should I be offering him just mushy things or those that he can gum down easily?

He's so enthusiastic about food that I don't really want to restrict his diet while he's learning about all these new foods, but he does seem a lot more settled after days where he's not had anything that has resulted in 'whole' chunks of food being swallowed.

Sorry does that make any sense?!

Should probably add that he's always been a windy little thing and a vocal pooer - we did try cranial osteopathy when he was about 3mo but it didn't seem to do much and we couldn't afford more sessions.

sh77 Fri 19-Aug-11 19:19:39

I started weaning this week. DS is 23 weeks. I mushed up some carrots and fed him. He did not poo for 3 days, which worried me a lot. Anyway, after a dose of lactulose and pear, he finally pood. The undigested carrots were very visible. I hadn't pureed them enough obviously.

Ineedcake Sat 20-Aug-11 09:39:39

yes that's the sort of thing, carrots tend to come out rather undigested too.

But with baby led weaning which we're doing you're not meant to need to mush/puree things for them, so I'm not sure if he should be struggling to pass these things or not?! confused

RitaMorgan Sat 20-Aug-11 09:44:01

I've never pureed anything for ds, and often see whole bits in his nappy (particularly raisins and sweetcorn grin) - this hasn't caused him any problems though. Whenever he has had any problems pooing it's normally a case of more fluids and more fruit (and cutting back on banana which he loves) to sort it out.

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