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Weaning to solids - big problem!

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dippy Fri 17-Oct-03 22:15:49

DD2 is 18 weeks old and has shown signs of being hungry. Has for over a week been eating baby rice at lunch, after her breast feed. She has screamed most of the afternoon. Previously never heard a peep from her. I thought she was hungry so increased to an evening meal as well, which she ate with relish each evening you guessed it she has screamed! Seems to have excessive wind. So bad decided no solids tomorrow or for next few days. Dd1 weaned at 15 weeks no problem - was bottle fed though. Anyone come across this problem, seems to be in some discomfort. Tried apple half way through a feed but that didn't work either. Just want my lovely placid baby back. Maybe it's too early to wean? I know its nearer 6 months now. Any suggestions please.

misdee Fri 17-Oct-03 22:43:07

i would leave it a while. my dd2 reacted badly to baby rice, (projectile vomiting) so i left it a while, she was mainly weaned on fruit when i tried again with hardly any problems. sounds to me like the baby rice isnt agreeing with her stomache atm, might be ok in a few weeks.

JulieF Sun 19-Oct-03 20:37:56

It definately sounds like she isn't ready yet. If she still seems hungry after her b/f try givng her a top up of ebm or an extra b/f.

dippy Sun 19-Oct-03 21:10:09

Thanks - since posting I have stopped any solids and hey I have my placid baby back. You'd think I would know with dd2 but I never learn. I am definitely gonna leave it til 6 months now - so anyone thinking of weaning early take my advice DON'T unless you absolutely have to. Dd2 is not taking any extra bf and is perfectly happy now her mother is not shovelling food into her!!!

bobthebaby Mon 20-Oct-03 01:28:08

Good on you. Babies know what is best for them don't they?

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