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14 months fussy eating help!!

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ellahbells Thu 18-Aug-11 12:43:43

my little one is going down the fussy eating route at the moment and its driving me crazy!! i use to give him warm lunches and now started giving him saandwiches and pittas things like that but he is just not intrested he will eat it one day then refuse the next day. it seems to be textures that putting him off. he also started doing it for dinners now i tried to get him to eat chopped up food instead of mashed but he just gives me his plate and says no. so today he had his milk but refused his breakfast of peanut butter on toast whats he loves so i thought i would leave it so no breakfast and no lunch but a few pieces of cheese and a cheese straw and a fruit yoghurt. anyone got any advice to help me through this thankyou.

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