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Eating not going so well suddenly at 10 months

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kimberlina Wed 17-Aug-11 21:22:41

I could do with some advice/reassurance please.

We're doing BLW and I was feeling smug as we were doing well. But now there are some issues.

1. Yoghurts - I laughed once when she blew a raspberry with yoghurt in her mouth (I know, I know big mistake!). Now it happens with every yoghurt. I've tried saying no, stopping the yoghurt feed, ignoring it (very messy!!) but it still continues. I worry about withholding too much yoghurt as she now only has 1 BF a day(her choice - bites if I try to give more) and so feel this dairy is important to her.

2. Dairy - she'll drink a little bit of cows milk and has cows milk on her cereal. She eats yoghurt (when not blowing raspberries - see above!!) but doesn't like cheese etc. How important is the 20oz of milk per day?

3. Her favourite evening meal is pasta with tomato sauce. Tonight I spent ages cooking goulash out of the BLW cookbook and she wasn't interested at all. It seems the longer I spend cooking the less she likes it. My freezer is full of things that she has refused.

Should I keep offering variety or give in and just let her have pasta/tom sauce plus broccoli/carrots. Oh and fruit - she loooooooooves fruit!

Any advice on any of the above would be so much appreciated

PinkEmily Mon 22-Aug-11 22:06:51

My 10 month old DD has gone right off her food this week, even yogurts which she never refuses. Everything today has been met with tears.
She has all four top teeth on the way together.

If your problem has come on so suddenly, could it be teeth too?

angfirsttimer Mon 22-Aug-11 22:11:08

I think the raspberries with yoghurt is a phase DS did it for a few weeks about that age, did the same with water more recently (now 18months) probably experimenting with their mouths.

DS also goes through phases with food, will eat something one week and then refuse the next. He was BLW and I recall 10 months was a particularly fussy time.


chocolateteabag Thu 25-Aug-11 22:44:27

Is she getting a cold or a bit snotty? My DS goes off his milk when he is getting a cold.

I'd persevere with different types of food - but don't make any kind of big deal of it. And completely ignore if she does raspberries. If she gets no reaction from you, she'll eventually move on to the next thing (they don't understand no just yet)

My DS is 10 months and has 12-18 oz of milk a day - I've read some advice saying he should be on 18-20 and some saying 12 will be fine. So I do my best - but we can't force feed them! When he's been fussy, I've just tried a small amount of different things (cubes of cheese, dairylea, philiadelphia sandwiches etc) with bits of fruit etc And also not worried too much about order of food - so petit filous before supper for example.

My biggest problem is stopping him sharing his food with our dog!

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