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What is your 6,7 mo old menu like?

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mummytasha11 Wed 10-Aug-11 12:42:55

Hi everyone

Just wondering what u feed your dcs? I'm stuck for ideas and how to progress from purres to some finger food?

At the moment he has

Breakfast : Heinz baby porridge
Lunch: hipp cow and gate yoghurt or purée fruit
Dinner: purée veg and a fromage frais yog

Feels a bit boing, could do with some inspiration please 

mummytasha11 Wed 10-Aug-11 12:49:45


nocake Wed 10-Aug-11 14:01:35

What're you eating today? Try him/her on that as long as it's low on salt. DD has strips of toast, pieces of fruit and veg, fish, sausage, pasta... pretty much anything we eat.

thesurgeonsmate Wed 10-Aug-11 15:26:05

Does sound a bit boing! I've just had a look back at my "weaning ideas" page in my notebook (blush) and it's mostly fruit and veg for the finger foods, really. Cucumber sticks very popular (I don't like it and wouldn't have thought to try it before someone suggested it). Steamed carrots, parsnips, courgette, broccoli. Skinned tomatoes. Ripe pear, plum, peach. She tried quartered figs and ate the seeds and spat the skin back out. I also did shredded wheat soaked briefly in milk for her to pick up, and we tried some of those weaning snacks, my own favourites to eat were the sweetcorn rings and the apple rice cakes. She preferred raw bread to toast, and use to like to share a chunk of cheese and a hunk of pita bread. She also liked to gnaw an untoasted bagel.

AnaisB Wed 10-Aug-11 16:10:33

DD is 6.5 months.

B'fast - oatibix or porridge and formula milk (sometimes with fruit/dried fruit) or toast or banana or yoghurt

Lunch - peanut butter, humus (sp?) or cheese sandwich, eggy bread, some kind of mashed veg maybe with fish, fruit for desert

Dinner - either what we're having adapted or some kind of mashed veg maybe fruit or yoghurt too

islandbaby Thu 11-Aug-11 04:05:17

My DS just turned 8 months, but for the last few months he's mostly been eating eggy bread (self feeding) or porridge and fruit (spoonfed) for breakfast. Lunch is usully leftovers from whatever we ate last night (we have dinner after he goes to bed, and I never add salt to my cookin so that he can eat it) - spaghetti bolognese, fish pie, steak and mash, though I'll often cook him some carrots or sweet potato to have with it if there wasn't much veg, and will self feed all of that, though I chop it up for him. Dinner we usually mash banana or avocado or something on to toast for him to eat, or make an egg or something straightforward, because he usually has his milk then too.

Not sure what would be good as a step from purees, as we never pureed anything. Mixing fish or something into mash potato maybe. Spanish tortilla was a hit recently.

Cheeseandbiscuits Thu 11-Aug-11 08:26:25

DD is 5.5 months. Weaned for lots of reasons! She has fruit purée, porridge, mashed banana, mashed avocado for breakfast. Lunch is finger foods so cooked veg / fruit sticks from our dinner the night before, rice cakes, cucumber. Dinner is veg purée. We've got the annabel karmel book and river cottage book for lots of ideas. Natural yog and fruit always a hit too.

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