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Ripe banana = wind?

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megcleary Tue 09-Aug-11 08:48:40

Gave dd some mashed banana and she screamed all night with farts would the banana cause it? She had a few spoons of baby rice too.

BertieBotts Tue 09-Aug-11 08:53:51

It could if she is too little. How old is she?

megcleary Tue 09-Aug-11 09:00:42

26 weeks to the day

megcleary Tue 09-Aug-11 09:22:35


BertieBotts Tue 09-Aug-11 09:22:47

Hmm. Then I don't know! I know banana can cause constipation so it might be related. You could try some carrot?

megcleary Tue 09-Aug-11 09:23:51


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