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Sleep problems in 8mo due to not eating enough?

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islandbaby Sun 07-Aug-11 23:07:29

My 8mo DS has just started resisting going to bed, and gone from a clockwork, easy self-settling 7pm-7am sleeper to a frustrated, tired, can't-get-comfortable-until-10pm to 8am sleeper. He is teething, though the four first teeth have definitely cut through now, so I'm not convinced it's just that.

I wonder if I'm not feeding him enough. He's about 9.2kg. He has 7-8oz milk three times a day (8am/2pm/6pm), an 11am breakfast (handful of porridge/one egg one piece of wholemeal toast), a 4pm lunch (yesterdays leftovers, about the size of a deck of cards), and an 7pm evening snack (biscuit/fruit/yoghurt).

I don't keep giving him food until he stops wanting it, I give him his egg and toast and that's it. If he eats it all up, should I make him another bit of toast/more porridge/give him baby biscuits? What do you guys do... keep stuffing them until they're full?

Thanks for the help

Seona1973 Mon 08-Aug-11 09:15:31

at that age ds's feed times were:
7am -milk
8am - breakfast
11am - milk
12pm - lunch
2.30pm -milk
5pm - dinner
7pm - milk

He dropped his 11am milk around 9 months and we gave him a snack and drink of water around 10.30am to see him through till lunchtime. You could re-jig your food times and/or add in snacks.

Squigglywiggly Mon 08-Aug-11 09:26:20

Our 8 month dd has a similar routine as well.

7am - bf
8am - breakfast (porridge or scrambled eggs on toast or blueberry pancakes + banana)
8:30 - nap
10am bf
1pm - lunch (e.g buttery bread, tomato, cucumber + fruit (2 sorts))
2pm - nap
3:30pm - bf
5pm - tea (e.g tomato pasta or lentil curry plus yoghurt with fruit)
6:30pm - bf
7pm - bed

Perhaps you can try offering 2 courses and try giving breakfast earlier (if baby receptive) then have the rest of the meals at 4 hourly intervals. Don't worry about how much they have as milk should be providing a lot of the nutrition.

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