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Feeling down and frustrated re weaning.

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Moulesfrites Fri 05-Aug-11 09:41:40

My ds is 28 weeks, we have been weaning for about 5 weeks now. At first he was just having mushed fruit and veg and took to it great. We have expanded to yoghurt, from age frais, porridge, etc.

However, the past week or so he has become increasingly hard to feed. He got a tooth through so now just keeps trying to grab the spoon and bite it, without actually taking any food, which just ends up everywhere. Two spoon approach doesn't work. Then on Sunday he brought up his solids quite violently. On mon and Tues he had a high temp And was irritable. I have had him to the docs twice and they think it is just a viral thing, but he is still not himself. His routine is all to pot.

He has been completely uninterested in his solids for the past few days. He has had a bit of fruit and from age frais but that is it. I keep offering at every meal time but it is so disheartening when he is just not interested and I am not sure what to do- I feel like we are going to have to start from scratch after 5 weeks. He is ebf and is feeding loads again, but I feel like this is going backwards as the pressure seems to be on to drop at least 1 milk feed by now.

Also, I have had my confidence knocked with finger foods, which I thought would be a good thing after he started messing about with the spoon. But the first time I gave him bread was just before he brought up his solids. Another time i gave him a rice cake and he gagged and brought up the yoghurt he had just had. I have given him toast and broccoli and banana as finger food but he just mushes it in his hands and eats nothing.

Sorry to go on but I am feeling so down about this, as if I am just getting at all wrong!

Paschaelina Fri 05-Aug-11 09:53:51

Your not getting it wrong, it's just how it goes sometimes smile. It is disheartening, especially when you see other babies going ahead and wolfing down their food. All babies are different and they all have to learn eating at their own pace.

If it's any reassurance to you, my son only really picked up eating at about 9 months and it's actually the same for lots of children. He's nearly 11 months now and shovels food in like it's going out of fashion grin

Your LO is learning just as you are, keep offering, they all get thee in te end and don't worry about the nutrition, milk is doing that anyway.

Moulesfrites Fri 05-Aug-11 10:06:23

Ok thank you! That is reassuring to know.

Deliaskis Fri 05-Aug-11 12:24:52

Sorry to crash but I read the title of your thread and it was exactly how I am feeling, after just two meals going 'badly'. It's so hard not to stress about it isn't it, even when you constantly tell yourself it will all be fine.

DD has been having a range of mushed vegetables, fruit, plus porridge, rice etc. for a couple of weeks now, and loved it. Mouth open wide like a sparrow as soon as she saw the spoon and bowl etc. Excited wriggling when she knew it was on the way etc. and then yesterday and today, I have tried to give her exactly the same vege mix that I have given her a dozen times, and she pulled a face and just cried and whinged for half an hour and ended up not having any more solids.

I know it's just a couple of meals, I just feel like you that the great progress is suddenly slipping backwards and I have no idea why. Do babies go off and on foods randomly? It's frustrating as I know she likes these things normally?

Anyway, not sure what I'm asking/saying really, but I sympathise with you!


Quenelle Fri 05-Aug-11 12:28:46

Stop worrying about it. Milk is still their main source of nutrition so relax about the solids. Just give them some to play with when you're having your meal and let them eat it if they want.

I'm surprised the doctor didn't say to leave the solids until your DS is better though. My DS had a virus when he was about 18 months old and the GP said not to offer solids, just any liquid he would take, because he'd probably only bring them up again.

RitaMorgan Fri 05-Aug-11 12:30:35

They do gag quite a bit with finger foods at first - ds used to make himself sick quite regularly as his love of banana got the better of him and he'd force too much into his mouth grin They have much more sensitive gag reflexes than adults.

Going off solids when they are ill, teething, the weather is hot, the weather is cold, they just don't fancy it etc is totally normal too.

I wouldn't worry about dropping milk feeds, it'll happen when he's ready and not before! I'd say my ds is a pretty good eater, but even he has periods where he doesn't eat much (or will only eat toast, cheese and yoghurt).

Deliaskis Fri 05-Aug-11 13:12:42

"Going off solids when they are ill, teething, the weather is hot, the weather is cold, they just don't fancy it etc is totally normal too."

RitaMorgan you may not realise it but one way or another that is about the fifth time you have been my Voice Of Reason, just when I needed it, so thank you!


RitaMorgan Fri 05-Aug-11 15:00:10


Glad I helped!

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