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Do I need to wind 26wk old after eating solids?

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BubblyBluePebbles Thu 04-Aug-11 15:49:29

I started weaning my 26wk DD2 nearly 2 wks ago. So far she's enjoyed pureed carrots, bananas, Farleys Rusks, watermelon and Farleys Rusks with pureed plum at lunchtimes. I give her a bottle and then wind her before I feed her solids. Should I be winding her a second time after she has eaten her solids? My DD1 is 15 yrs old and have remembered everything else except this!

Also, At the Baby Weighing Clinic this 2 days ago, HV advised against giving bananas as they are too sweet, although most weaning info and the current NHS 'Introducing Solid Foods' brochure recommends bananas as a ideal food to start weaning.
HV also advised against Farleys Rusks as they are too sweet and also advised against the reduced salt Farleys Rusks. I'm ignoring the Farleys Rusks advice as they are staple and I fed them to my DD1 15 yrs ago and she loved them. I found rusks (in their original biscuit form) to be an invaluable necessity when I was out & about on the go.
I then told HV that I had bought some baby rice and was planning to try it with DD1 over the next few days. HV asked if I had opened the packet yet, to which I replied 'No'. She then suggested that I shouldn't bother with the baby rice at all and that I should take it back for a refund as baby rice isn't very palatable. HV said that I could start to introduce protein and dinner in addition to lunch from 26wks, including the obvious 'no adding salt' info. Has anyone received similar advice?

This weaning thing has become a minefield since I had my DD1. She was weaned at 4mths and was fine. I queried another HV about the revised weaning age advice 3 wks ago. I was told that the main reason the weaning age was been increased from 4mths to 6mths is to encourage mothers to breast feed for longer as breast feeding levels in UK are so low. HV also said that another reason was because some parents were starting to wean their babies too early at 2mths & 3mths. I apologise for banging on by writing so much. I didn't intend to write so much it's just that I'm so fed up with all the recent contradictory and confusing weaning advice!

Seona1973 Thu 04-Aug-11 16:25:54

I have never winded after giving solids. I avoided rusks (even reduced sugar ones) as they were still incredibly sweet. I used baby rice to start with but also mixed it with fruit/veg to make it tastier and to bulk it up a bit - it is good for thickening runny puree. Bananas are a great weaning food and they are more starchy than sugary - they are also very portable if you are feeding out and about. From 6 months they can have practically anything except whole nuts, honey, salty foods, ect and you can introduce meats, gluten, etc too. It is ok to start finger food now too.

Cheeseandbiscuits Thu 04-Aug-11 18:37:16

My DD loves a bit of baby rice with carrot/sweet potato/pretty much any veg. We don't wind after food. I also don't give rusks due to their sugar content but I know some people who do. Any finger foods are great for out and about, have you thought about rice cakes, they are great for them to suck/chew on.

Oh, and what a load of croc about bananas. They are a fab weaning food!

RitaMorgan Thu 04-Aug-11 18:50:12

Rusks are just sugary biscuits - fine for a treat but not for everyday imo.

MrsRhettButler Thu 04-Aug-11 18:52:38

So she's 6 months?

Are you sure you still need to wind her after a bottle?

BubblyBluePebbles Fri 05-Aug-11 00:59:11

Seona1973, Cheeseandbiscuits & RitaMorgan - Thanks for rusks advice. DD's only had a few so far. I'll make sure that DD doesn't have them often.

Seona1973 & Cheeseandbiscuits - I thought so re winding after solids. I will definitely try the baby rice with other fruit/veg and I'll be sticking with bananas.

Cheeseandbiscuits - I didn't think about rice cakes - good idea! I usually stock pile them as my DD1 loves them.

BubblyBluePebbles Fri 05-Aug-11 02:32:24

MrsRhettButler - Yes, my DD is now 6 months old.
Yes, we definitely still need to wind her after she has had a bottle as she still continues to bring up a lot of wind. DD almost always brings up the first burp within the first 15 secs of winding and then she burps again for a 2nd and then 3rd time. I'm not quite sure about when we will

BubblyBluePebbles Fri 05-Aug-11 02:45:25

..I'm not quite sure about when we will stop winding DD after she's had her bottle? I haven't really thought about it until now. DD also had a lot of wind when she was excusively BF for 18 wks

BubblyBluePebbles Fri 05-Aug-11 04:15:27

MrsRhettButler- DD is also brings her milk back up quite often, so much so that she wears a bib for the whole day (except when sleeping). We've found that continuing to wind her after each milk feed helps. My 15yo DD was a lot worse & continuously brought up vast amounts of milk until I moved her from SMA White to SMA Gold. SMA White doesn't exist anymore & the only SMA first milk formula option is SMA Gold. I choose SMA as it's what I know (like the rusks). DD2 will be moving onto Follow On milk within the next few days along with the addition of protein in her diet and will also start to have dinners in addition to lunches so hopefully there will be a decrease in the amount of milk she currently brings up.

So, what's your experience of winding? I'm assuming you have children? (Sorry, I'm a new mner & therefore not sure if it is at all possible to gleen this kind of info re other mners at a glance?) If so, at what age did you stop winding your child/children after their milk feeds?

Anyone - I would appreciate any recommendations re formula brands other than SMA?

mnistooaddictive Fri 05-Aug-11 06:10:13

You wind after a bottle as they swallow lots of air with it. This doesnt happen with solids so you don't need to wind. Bananas are low calorie but very filling. If they eat too much then they are full but don't get the calories they need. That's why they shouldn't eat too many. Breadsticks are great for on the go snacks along with rice cakes. Much better than rusks.

Cheeseandbiscuits Fri 05-Aug-11 07:42:43

I don't wind DD now as she creates huge burps of her own accord! smile we switched to formula recently, I tried sma but she had horrible wind on it so we switched to aptimel and it seems to work. Having said that, all the formulas are v similar!

Weaning is a bit of a minefield isn't it?! Have you got a good book? Annabel karmel, rivercottage and baby led weaning are all good reads.

Seona1973 Fri 05-Aug-11 08:38:42

Is SMA white not the hungry baby milk i.e. Stage 1 - SMA Gold, Stage 2 (hungry baby) - SMA White, Stage 3 (follow on milk) - SMA Progress.

I used SMA with dd (now 7 1/2) and used Aptamil to start with for ds (now 4 1/2) but then switched to Cow and Gate as it was made by the same company but was significantly cheaper. DS stayed on the Aptamil hungry milk till around 9 months and then switched to Cow and Gate follow on milk - not because of the blurb about extra iron but because it cost less and you can get special offers on it. You dont have to switch to follow on at all as it was only invented to get round the ban on advertising the first milks - I did but for cost reasons.

timetosleepnow Fri 05-Aug-11 10:06:25

I have to wind my DS2, 26 weeks, as he's a bad eater/drinker so after a meal and water from beaker we DO have to wind him or he'd be sick 10 minutes after, despite the fact that he sits up really well.

Watch the rusk, DS2 has been given half a rusk a day as finger snack the last two weeks and he now has such a sweet tooth, not sure if it's related or not but I kinda regret giving them to him. I gave rusks to DS1 too but much less frequently as he was good on plain rice cakes (very advanced in terms of eating! smile ) so till today he isn't fussed about sweet food.

MrsRhettButler Fri 05-Aug-11 17:25:16

I stopped winding at around 4 months but clearly I was just lucky to have a not very windy baby! I had no idea that some babies still need winding at that age sorry blush

MrsRhettButler Fri 05-Aug-11 17:26:07

<about to have dc2 and will probably find out a lot more very soon> grin

BubblyBluePebbles Tue 09-Aug-11 09:44:06

mnistooaddictive - Thanks for the advice.

cheeseandbiscuits & mnistoosddictive - On further reflection, I think that rice cakes and breadsticks may be too textured for DD, so will try them during the next few weeks when we think she is ready.

We had a scary choking experience seven days ago when DD was introduced to watermelon. DD happily sucked away for a couple of mins on a few different pieces of watermelon then swiftly began to gnaw away before swallowing a small piece. DD proceeded to choke, I quickly lent her forward whilst patting her back like mad. Luckily, DD immediately brought up the very small piece of watermelon along with a fountain of melon juice and milk!

DD always seems ravenously hungry when she's eating solids (even when given after a bottle). DD is now grabbing the spoon to indicate that she wants to feed herself, but is definitely not ready for self feeding yet as she tries to push the spoon too far down into her mouth. Maybe DD is just a little too greedy lol

BubblyBluePebbles Tue 09-Aug-11 10:14:13

cheeseandbiscuits - No, I haven't really read any baby recipe books properly yet, although I did browse through a few titles when I was pregnant. I guess that's because I planned to feed DD most of or at least a part of the meals that I cook from scratch for the whole family. Saying that, both my hand blender and microwave have given out on me this week! Hoping that my new hand blender arrives by tomorrow as we're leaving for the French Riviera on the following day. I will re-vist the recipe books though, esp. as we're lacking a blender and going abroad. If I remember correctly, the 'Rivercottage' recipes looked appetising. I've brought several jars of 'Organix' baby food to take abroad with us mainly for practicality whilst out and about. We'll be staying in a villa that we've never stayed in before and although the kitchen pics look ok, I won't be 100% sure about the general cleanliness of villa until we arrive. Thx smile

BubblyBluePebbles Tue 09-Aug-11 11:00:27

Seona1973 - I'm not sure, as I do not recall the existence of either the SMA Hungry Baby or Follow On milk when my 15yo DD1 was a baby. Also, I haven't yet come across the 'SMA White' wording on any of the current SMA formulas.

Cheeseandbiscuits & Seona1973 - I looked at SMA, Aptamil and Cow & Gate Follow On formulas in Tesco yesterday and yes, they are all very similar.

I was going to buy the Cow & Gate Follow On formula as it is significantly cheaper and I'm a sucker for special offers lol. In addition and most importantly, I wasn't aware that the Cow & Gate formulas include extra iron. My DD has Sickle Sickle Trait (luckily not the serious Sickle Cell Disease condition) as do the whole family. If DD is anything like me she will need the extra iron to keep her general energy levels up esp when she's ill &/or run down (hopefully not the latter as a baby!) - Thanks Seona1973 smile

I have decided to stick with SMA for now until we return from our hols. This is purely because the small SMA ready made milk cartons are bigger (250 ml/approx 9 oz) and cheaper than the small Aptimel and Cow & Gate milk cartons (200 ml). Saying that, the 250 ml SMA Follow On milk cartons were sold out and I bought the last tin of SMA Follow On Milk. This indicates that SMA is very popular although the SMA formula tins are more expensive than Aptimel and Cow and Gate formulas. We are going to need a lot of cartons for our hols so sticking with SMA for a week or so will work out a lot more cost effective for us.

P.S. Asda sell SMA 250 ml cartons in a value multipack x12 cartons? (My local Tesco didn't seem to stock this particular multipack in any of the SMA formula milks)

BubblyBluePebbles Tue 09-Aug-11 11:04:04

timetosleepnow - Thanks. I will watch the rusks. I've already relocated them to the back of the cupboard for treat times only biscuit wink

BubblyBluePebbles Tue 09-Aug-11 11:10:52

MrsRhettButler - No worries. Yes, you and your baby were very lucky.

Bringing up children is a continuous learning curve (even when they are officially adults and supposedly meant to be able to fend for themselves) as everybody is different.

Wishing you all the best with DC2 smile

BubblyBluePebbles Tue 09-Aug-11 14:35:05

MrsRhettButler - If you are using or have used bottles and formula milk with your baby, can I ask which brand of bottles and formula you're using or have used?
I ask as I'm wondering whether the bottle or formula brand may have helped to prevent your baby's lack of wind?

I'm using the anti-colic easi-vent closer to nature Tommee Tippee bottles (without anti-colic vent) and the correct corresponding anti-colic closer to nature teats (confusing I know!-There are two different types of Tommee Tippee teats and bottles).
So far, I've used the both the slow and medium teats and both teats often became/become sucked in when DD is feeding. I have recently read similar Tommee Tippee teat issues within reviews on the Mothercare website. DD needs to move onto the fast flow teats and I am seriously considering changing bottle brand?

Any good bottle recommendations anyone?


BubblyBluePebbles Wed 10-Aug-11 12:17:33

No worries. I've found conversation threads under 'Breast and Bottle Feeding'.

MrsRhettButler Wed 10-Aug-11 23:28:44

Wow that does sound confusing! Glad you've found a good conversation thread now, fwiw we used avent bottles, just the normal ones so I really must have been super lucky.

Good luck smile

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