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20week old DD doesn't drink much milk - advice re: BLW?

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flootshoot Thu 04-Aug-11 11:00:23

DD is 20 weeks, was 6lb at birth and now weighs about 13lb 6. She is FF and taking about 4-5oz at each feed, 6-7 feeds in 24 hours. HV is quite haapy with this even though it doesn't seem very much! She also fusses a lot and will often take ages to finish a bottle, having a little, then a rest. iAnyway, I am planning to do BLW starting in a month or so, and I was wondering if anyone had experience of weaning a baby like this? My DS was just a guzzler who drank 12oz at each feed (at 4 months!) and ate everything put in front of him so I'm not sure to deal with a baby who basically doesn't seem to enjoy eating!! TIA

Deliaskis Thu 04-Aug-11 13:37:44

Flootshoot my DD sounds a lot like yours, except she also has silent reflux. The bottle taking ages thing, and not taking much overall, was exactly what we went through. We were advised to wean early because of reflux, so started at about 21 weeks (not BLW though), and suddenly, her milk consumption went through the roof, she will now have 7oz in about 20 minutes, whereas it used to take almost an hour of real struggling to get 4-5oz into her. The solids just seemed to settle the milk in her stomach and now she happily has plenty of both.

Can't help with BLW though, but just thought I would comment as I was constantly worried that she wasn't having enough milk and that she would be a nightmare to wean etc. but in actual fact it all suddenly got a lot easier.

I don't mean this to be a post recommending early weaning (I only did it as was advised to by Dr), or against BLW, just wanted to share our experience as suddenly my worries about not enough milk just disappeared.

Good luck


flootshoot Thu 04-Aug-11 14:35:16

That's interesting- I'm not sure that's the case re: DD as. Apart from being fussy on the bottle she's a very happy placid baby. Although she is quite windy and does monster burps! Will be interesting to see what effect weaning has.

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