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snack and meal ideas for my 9mo

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Dozeyland Thu 04-Aug-11 08:21:10


My daughter is 9month old, has a great appetite along with BF.

She usually has toast and porridge in the morning
yoghurt, fruit and some organix crispy snacks for lunch
And dinner, so far she has a mixture of jar food and stuff we eat, but
Been moving house so recently its been more of jars.

I want to make her more home-made foods now we're in our own place.

She could have what we have but I'm never sure on the salt/sugar intake etc

Any suggestions?

Or any book suggestions?

Ps. She is doing well with lumps, no teeth yet.

kellieb7 Thu 04-Aug-11 09:56:34

Hi there is a BLW cook book and also recipes on line but I tend to give DD (7 months) what we are having and just season after taking out her portion (it has probably done me and DH a lot of good as I usually forget the salt altogether now).
DD really likes shepards pie, roasted veg, lasagne, potato's (roasted or mashed) bolognese, and anything with strong flavours, just experiment and see how she gets on. Good luck

chocolateteabag Sun 14-Aug-11 00:31:25

Breakfast - try weetabix (big or small) or cheerios (tesco own version Hoops are good) or mash banana on the toast.

Small bits of ham and cheese and either bread or pitta bread (assuming she can "gum" well)
Soft cheese sandwiches
Baked beans (low sugar & salt ones) on toast
Well cooked scrambled eggs
Homemade soup
breadsticks and hummous/other dips
lots of veg - soft carrots/sweet potato/broccoli etc

My DS is 9.5 months and I give him just about everything we eat - with the salt/sweet watch out. DH had him guzzling marmite on toast the other day!
This means he gets a portion of our food the next day mostly. I do keep a stock of jars just in case we get hungry and eat his portion it's not suitable like DH's chilli

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