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dropping bottles - how much water does DD need to drink?

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cardamomginger Mon 01-Aug-11 13:53:12

Hi everyone. DD is 10 months old. She is a very good eater and gets through a good sized breakfast, lunch and dinner. I offer her a bottle at breakfast, one about an hour after lunch or mid afternoon, and one after her dinner and bath, just before bed. She's a bit hit and miss as to which bottles she wants and which she can't be bothered with - but in total she's probably drinking about 450 ml per day. I feed her solids according to her appetite and I guess she'll let me know when she wants to drop a bottle. My question is do I need to make sure that she's drinking as much water as she would have got from the bottles? I know that she's drinking the bottles for food, but obviously she's also getting water too. How much water should a baby drink in a day? Unfortunately, we're not doing that well with water. She didn't like sippy cups (although she was much younger so it might be worth giving them another go) and although she's always liked her doidy cup she doesn't really swallow the water she sips - she just lets it run out of her mouth, and then takes another sip, and so on. Be grateful for any advice! Thanks smile.

cardamomginger Thu 11-Aug-11 10:36:34


chocolateteabag Sun 14-Aug-11 00:12:34

Sorry can't help but wanted to say I am in a similar position with my DS who is 9.5 months. He has 5-7 oz of his bottle in the morning anywhere between 2-6 oz mid afternoon and 2-5oz at night. Tonight he only had 1 oz. But he had drank a bit more water from a cup.

I am offering a cup of water with all his meals - trying to get off the sippy cup now - but as you say, so much just runs out of his mouth I am not sure what actually stays in. I'm just guessing he'd shout if he was thirsty?

Wish he was like our Puppy who has taught herself to drink from the running tap!

cardamomginger Sun 14-Aug-11 11:58:33

Good that I am not alone with this then! Like your comparison with your puppy - but I am glad that DD doesn't (yet??) show the same inclination as our cat to try to drink out of the toilet...

breatheslowly Sun 14-Aug-11 15:27:21

DD used to let water run out of her mouth like that (I assume she liked the sensation) but doesn't do it any more, so I think they grow out of it. I don't know how much water they should drink, but I would guess that they self regulate and if she is able to get water into her mouth then she is fine.

cardamomginger Sun 14-Aug-11 15:50:42

Thanks, breathes.

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