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when to introduce water?

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MedicalEd Sun 31-Jul-11 09:05:41

My DD is 5 months and ebf up until this week when we have started a meal of baby porridge with purees mid-morning.
I have been offering boob after food.
When should I start with a cup and water?

Seona1973 Sun 31-Jul-11 12:11:54

I offered the cup of water along with the solids

rodformyownback Sun 31-Jul-11 18:48:57

I offered water to mine straight away when I started weaning at 5 months.

4madboys Sun 31-Jul-11 18:57:33

i would always offers breast/formula milk before the food and then offer water in a cup with meals smile

Graciescotland Sun 31-Jul-11 19:02:43

I'd second water with meals. I do boob before food though with a bit of a gap.

tigermummy35 Sun 31-Jul-11 21:45:32

We did food before milk (otherwise DS wouldn't bother with the food), then water after/during solids. Milk after food or in between solids meals.

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