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quick question re peas!

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westonsorganic Sat 30-Jul-11 14:39:39

Hi - I am weaning my 8 mo, mixture of puree and finger food.
I want to put some veggies on his tray for him to pick up/play with - can I include peas in this or are they supposed to be mashed because of choking? I have only found info on nuts and grapes as a choking hazard but wondered if the same applies to blueberries/peas....thank you!

RitaMorgan Sat 30-Jul-11 14:41:11

I squished big blueberries, but I reckon peas are ok. Might be a bit fiddly for an 8 month old though.

FourThousandHoles Sat 30-Jul-11 14:43:36

i used to squish the peas, not because of choking (they are too small imo) but because when they were round they would just roll straight out of her mouth when she put them in grin

a bowl of peas used to keep her quiet for hours

nocake Sat 30-Jul-11 14:46:14

Definately squish blueberries as they're a choking hazard if they're whole. I'm not sure peas are big enough and they will be softer if they're cooked but if you're concerned then squish them a little.

HarrietJones Sat 30-Jul-11 16:42:11

I squish them

westonsorganic Sat 30-Jul-11 18:00:52

thank you everyone - consider those peas squished!

gourd Tue 02-Aug-11 13:17:21

I squished things at that stage mostly 'cos LO had only two teeth (still has at nearly 11 months!) her gums weren't very hard, and I guess she simply had little experience of biting and chewing, so she struggled to get through the skins on fruit and veg, and cutting them open or squishing them made it easier for her to get into them. By about 9 months though, she was happily munching whole peas, grapes, blueberries, redcurrants etc with no need to squish.

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