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What is blw?

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flowerfairy Thu 28-Jul-11 13:29:34

Although am about to wean dc2, have never heard of baby led weaning until recently. Can you lovely mums explain what it is and what's the theory behind doing it? Have gleaned a bit from lurking on some of the threads below about what to give, but just wondered if somone could explain it to me.

BikeRunSki Thu 28-Jul-11 13:35:13

It's great, basically you offer small pieces of food to your baby and let them take/play with/chew/swallow/spit out what they want.

Theory is that they are in control and develop at their own speed and their own tastes. I don't have spoon weaning to compare it too, but I understand that it is a slower process. Almost certainly much messier with sloppy stuff!

Aitch is the expert MNer on this. Until she comes along, look here

Maamaa Thu 28-Jul-11 14:49:27

Hi flowerfairy. I'm in the midst of BLW at the mo and I can't fault it! Me and DH are quite foodie and the idea of her eating what we do instead of mush was what appealed. You wait until DC is starting to grab at food and wanting to try and put in their mouth-around 6 months, and just offer her finger food. There are a couple of things to avoid-salt being one thing-and round things like grapes unless you chop in half. The only drawbacks are the mess-I advise getting a dog or two (!), and the longer period of breastfeeding-not sure that's a bad thing though.

flowerfairy Thu 28-Jul-11 19:17:35

Had to wean ds at 19weeks and took it extremely slowly 2 spoonfuls of baby rice for a very long time. Never really had any trouble spoon feeding and had good range of tastes until his more fussy period from 4 and even now he is often prepared to give most things a try.
Dd is 22 weeks and although she sleeps through (knocks very hard o n wood) she is very fascinated when we all sit down for tea and she watches everybody eating. Still seems to be satisfied after a feed too and is going 3hrs and i am in no rush to wean as long as she carries on atm. just like to be prepared and am just trying to cover all bases as we go away in 2 weeks. Thanks for link.

BertieBotts Thu 28-Jul-11 19:22:48

I started BLW with DS at 21 weeks. He didn't eat much at first, but he was so fascinated by watching us eat and used to reach out for the food, that we sat him up at the table in a highchair (they need to be able to sit well upright without slumping, even if that is with support) and if he seemed to want some of our food, we gave him some to play with. Just fruit and veg at first.

On holiday BLW is quite fun as you get to try them with all sorts of unusual foods, especially if you're going abroad. I'd probably be careful though under 6 months, we avoided meat, dairy, eggs and wheat until then.

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