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Too much salt?

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Vegasgirl Wed 27-Jul-11 20:27:41

I am worrying a bit about the amount of salt DD (nearly 10 months) had today.

I make sure she has less than 1g per day but today when we were eating out DD was eating her organix corn crisp things, but i gave her one of our chips before I realised DH had already put salt on them! Then Dh says they probably put some sort of coating on them before frying as well.

She already had had half a slice of bread and cream cheese (0.3g) Yogurt (0.2g) today and her formula would have had about 0.3g everything else today was salt free other than the chip!

Would that do any harm if she was just over the 1g today?

Indith Wed 27-Jul-11 20:32:42

Calm down!

One chip is not going to do any harm at all. You really don't need to stress about counting and adding it up every day, so long as you are sensible and don't use high salkt stock cubes and add salt to everything then there isn't a problem smile

Vegasgirl Wed 27-Jul-11 21:15:20

When i read my post back, I realised I was getting a bit carried away blush. Thanks for the reassurance. smile

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