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Feed times?

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WhoahThere Wed 27-Jul-11 00:45:02

Sorry, I've seen a few of these threads but none of the answers quite fitted with me, so hoping someone can suggest what I should do re. mealtimes? Currently dd (6mo) has the following routine:

0730 first bottle (she wakes up anytime after 0630 but amuses herself til I get up @ 7)

0900 approx 45 min nap

1100 bottle

1230 approx 1.5 hr nap

1400 bottle

1630 short nap

1700 bottle

1900 bath, bottle, bed

I'm struggling with when to fit in meals and not having a huge amount of success so far. I've tried before and after milk feeds but due to her fairly short 'cycle' I struggle to get them in when she's interested, and not full/tired/too hungry. Doing a combination of spoonfed stuff and finger foods....

All bottles are 5 oz but often she'll only take 3, particularly the first two of the day.

Would welcome any advice, thanks very much!

Seona1973 Wed 27-Jul-11 08:18:26

breakfast - 8/8.30am?
lunch - 12pm?
dinner - 4pm? (until she drops the 16.30 nap and then you could make it later and replace the 5pm bottle with food and a drink)

AnaisB Wed 27-Jul-11 10:37:18

Hmm, just replied but my response disappeared. DD is 6 months. We weaned at 5 and started 3 meals a day on Monday. We have very similar milk times to you and approximately the food times suggested by Seona.

Timeoutofmind Wed 27-Jul-11 14:41:32

This is my nearly 7m.o's routine.

Wake between 6am-7am
6.30ish 7oz bottle
7.30-8am breakfast
9-10am nap
11am 7oz bottle
11.30am lunch
12-2pm nap
3pm 7oz bottle
4pm dinner
6pm bath, bottle, bed

We have had success with giving meals shortly after milk feeds so maybe have a go at that as I'm sure she will be hungry enough for some solids if she only has 3-5oz.

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