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Weaning and 'loose stools'

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Clippedwings Sun 24-Jul-11 10:48:47

I have just started weaning my 6 month old on baby rice. I used Organix wholegrain baby rice as I was nervous of him getting constipation, as he only normally goes every 2 or 3 days and has done since about 3 months old. (He was EBF until about 4 months and then combination fed after that. I have now stopped BF and he is exclusively FF)
My problem is now that he is going twice a day and they are pretty watery (and one hell of a mess). He is still producing wet nappies as usual, so I don't think he is getting dehydrated, but I am still concerned.
I thought it may be the "wholegrain" bit that was causing problems, so I changed baby rice to a Cow & Gate non-wholegrain variety, but there has been no change.
I spoke to my Health Visitor who assured me that weaning creates changes in bowel habits, and not always constipation, but I am still concerned: if this is what he like BEFORE vegetables are introduced, I am in trouble!

Has anyone else had similar results?
And if so, did it settle down after a while?
And what happened when you introduced vegetables? ( I have a freezer full of carrot, sweet potato, butternut and parsnip puree!)


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