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no bowel movement after first food!

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VickiOtter Mon 18-Jul-11 10:36:14

My baby started eating a tiny amount of food every day with her milk 6 days ago. She has enjoyed it, and slept better but she hasn't poo'ed since! She seems happy and no distress but I am getting slightly concerned. Has anyone else experienced this??!
Cheers x

tiktok Tue 19-Jul-11 16:22:21

How old is your baby, Vicki?

If she's not in any discomfort, it may be a non-issue. If she is breastfed, days without a poo can be normal.

Sparklyboots Sun 24-Jul-11 23:35:16

Am experiencing weird poo reaction at this stage too - DS is nearly 7 months and we are weaning in a very haphazard fashion. But his poo instantly disappeared and he currently only goes once every two days - he used to go four or five times a day (BF). This seems unrelated to how much actual food he is taking. I had thought he'd be doing lovely BF poos for ages yet because he's getting most of his needs from BF and eating very little (it is very haphazard); however, his poos are definately changing to 'normal' poo. So I do share this experience and have the same concerns but can't offer any actual advice...

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