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Completely lost!

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Amberc Sat 16-Jul-11 18:55:58

I have twin girls 6mo old. I have been weaning since 5.5 mo. I started trying the Gina Ford method but have veered away as it wasn't working out. I have been through it all before but am having a mare with the girls. They have gone right off their milk feeds but are not taking enough solids to make up for it. I'm sure my timings are all wrong. Thsi is what I'm doing:

Bottle at 7.30am which they hardly touch
solids at 8.30
Nap at 9-10
Bottle at 11
Tried solids at 11.30 but not interested at all
Nap at 12-2
Solids at 2.30
Bottle at 3
Nap 4-4.30
Solids at 5
Bottle at 6.45
Bed at 7

Can anyone give me an idea of how I should better space things out so they have their milk? Maybe I should drop one solid feed?

pilipala22 Sat 16-Jul-11 21:07:07

Hello, I have twin girls, just coming up to 7 months and have a similar routine but with some slight differences. I gave part of the bottle with the breakfast and lunch solid feed as I introduced them. Then offered the bottle again once they had enough food, sometimes they took it other times not. They gradually stopped wanting their lunchtime bottle so now just have water. Our day roughly pans out as:

7-7.30 milk and cereal
9-9.30 nap of up to 45 mins
11.30 lunch, with water to drink
12.30-1 nap of an hour (neither are big nappers!)
2.30 milk
5 tea, with water
6.30 milk
7 bedtime
10.30 - 11 dream feed

They often don't want much of their 2.30 bottle but will make up for it later in the day. I'd rather they dropped the dream feed as I think they would be more settled at night but they still take a fair amount so will continue.

Are they getting the minimum of milk? If we look like it's going to be a bad milk day I make sure yogurt or cheese is involved with the tea!

Esian Sat 16-Jul-11 21:18:57

Wow I'm amazed at how organised you are grin

What strikes me is the amount of solid feeds you're giving or trying to give. I tend to give my 6 month old breakfast and then a solid feed anywhere between 4pm-6pm depending when I fit it in. I will sometimes give an extra snack of fruit in the afternoon if my older DC is having some but I don't stick to any kind of a routine really.

It is my impression that solid feeds at this age are just a case of introducing flavours rather than trying to fill them up.

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