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When do you fit in milk feeds and solids?

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ComradeJing Thu 14-Jul-11 04:13:46

I'm on a schedule with DD as without one her sleep is shocking.

Therefor she is fed at 6;30am, 10;30, 20;30 and again at 6;30 before bed then a dreamfeed at 10;30. She is put down to sleep approx 2 hours after. Please don't tell me I'm a loon, that's what works for us.

Where should I be fitting in solids? At the same time as a milk feed? An hour later? We started with BLW but she got too hungry so started to give puree too.

DD is 6m.

Seona1973 Thu 14-Jul-11 22:00:16

depending on naps you could have meals at 7/7.30am, 12pm and 5pm (thats roughly the times we had/have)

PetronusOfSteel Thu 14-Jul-11 22:09:32

Hi Jing <waves from Jan 2011 thread>

We do meals at 8:30, 12:30 and 5:30ish, I find if DS2 is too hungry he gets too frustrated to eat and if he's just had milk he can't be bothered with food so we adapt around milk feeds (which are still all over the shop, same as sleep) to try and put the food somewhere in the middle.

I think once the food is established a bit more the milk feed timings will change so you may need to rejig the schedule as that happens. DS2 is still on 3 naps a day so everything will change again when he drops to 2.

Hope that helps a bit, we're kind of muddling through ourselves! grin

malteser1981 Fri 15-Jul-11 13:38:55

Hi, my DS is 7 months, now 4 weeks into weaning he has eventually dropped a couple of day time feeds (good times) but not any night feeds (bad times!)

6am - BF
7.30am - breakfast and water
10am BF then nap
12.30pm - lunch and water
2.30pm - BF then nap
5pm - dinner and water
7pm- BF
10.30ISH- BF
and then 1, 2 or on a bad night 3 feeds overnight.

The day sort of shaped its self as we added meals and currently works well.
I have to add my greedy boy is 22lb 4oz and eats like a horse.

beatofthedrum Tue 19-Jul-11 16:03:35

<waves at Jing and Petronus>
My ds is 6.5 months and I'm wondering if I'm feeding him enough. Doing BLW and really enjoying it - so is he! Not done set meal times yet and prob only giving him 2 opportunities a day to eat so had perhaps better start the 3-a-day routine - your timings sound good Petronus. He has porridge and fruit for brekkie (doesn't like me feeding him so I give him loaded spoons and help out where I can).He bellows like a little bull while he shoves food towards his mouth, is so cute. Then I tend to miss lunch as not been organised enough so far though he might have couple of rice cakes then he has mid-pm meal of something like toast (which is his favourite), veggies and fruit. So really not all that much - still first tastes sort of thing. Should he maybe be having more carbs like potato/pasta sort of thing by now? Also want to let him try meat/fish soon. How are your lot doing?

PelvicFloorOfSteel Tue 19-Jul-11 20:11:43

<waves back at Beat>

I was just thinking what a coincidence it is so many of the Jan antenatal thread turning up together before engaging brain and realising it's not really much of a coincidence we're all thinking about weaning.

Still going fairly slowly here, we do porridge and fruit for breakfast as well - same system, DS2 in charge of the spoon, porridge inserted into eyes, ears, nose, flicked at wall and a very moderate amount into mouth. Lunch and tea have been whatever fruit or veg DS1 has had with his meal. Generally he does get something 3 times a day, somewhere round those times, but I do need to think about extending the menu a bit.

Apart from fruit and veg DS2 has had rice cakes, cheese, egg, pasta and toast. DS2 managed to do a green poo today so he must have been ingesting something despite appearing to hide it all in his bib or hurl it all on the floor!

ComradeJing Wed 20-Jul-11 06:22:34

Thanks for the replies everyone and a big hello to the Jan2011 ladies. <Reminds self to go back on post on the thread>

Thanks to your input I'm now feeding DD approx an hour or two after her milk feed (which is then about half an hour to an hour before her sleep depending).

We aren't doing strict BLW as DD was losing weight and getting frustrated and hungry when we finally started at 6m (not allowed to try before 6M as DD had unexplained blood in poo). Think I'll try loading spoons so she can be more in charge - thanks for the reminder - but she does eat sticks of meat, veg, fruit and bread on her own.

At the moment she has porridge and fruit for breakfast, some kind of puree for lunch possibly with a bit of bread and then dinner is usually similar to lunch but with yogurt as well. That sounds like she eats loads but she probably doesn't have more than half a dozen weaning teaspoons before blowing bubbles and spitting at me. Which is great fun apparently <wipes food off face>.

All up apart from fruit and veg she's had egg (which produced the most vile nappy ever), meat, toast, bread rolls, yogurt and the like. Haven't tried rice cakes yet but will get some at my next shop. Will also try cheese, fish and pasta soon.

beatofthedrum Wed 20-Jul-11 09:48:57

Def helpful to share what we're all doing, think cause I'm doing it differently from last time I just need to hear it's ok! Gave him French toast last night and it was hilarious seeing him stuffing it into his mouth (nose/ears etc!)

Jing, you've had such a hard time with that black poo issue (we had that briefly and I got in such a panic but turned out to be due to taking in blood from cracked nipples - yuk. My bf experience this time around has been much tougher). Hope you're feeling happier now she's eating as well, sounds like she's doing great. My dd (3 years) ate purees and loved them but decided to do BLW this time as she is such a difficult eater (sure the weaning method had nothing to do with it but her fussiness is stressful to this day and just want things to be different this time around) and am really enjoying it. Think he's going to be greedy, hooray! What did you do last time Pelvic?

Starting to get excited about the thought of the REAL mess coming up (spag bol and the like). Do we just plop it on their tray and let them dive in??

PelvicFloorOfSteel Wed 20-Jul-11 21:27:01

I did BLW last time as well, fairly similar but DS1 ate loads right from the start. I'd read a lot about BLW being slow, not to worry if they didn't eat much, milk still main source of nutrition, etc and he just piled it in, making me worry that he was having too much (there's always something to worry about when you're a mum!).

DS2 seems to be following more of the traditional BLW route, so most of his food ends up on the floor. Apart from that it's all pretty similar, I'm doing slightly less bread and pasta to begin with because DS1 had them at most meals and, since I weaned him, my mum has been diagnosed coeliac. There's no signs of any problems with the DSs but advice is to introduce wheat fairly slowly so DS2's only had it at a couple of meals so far.

With DS1 I gave him things in bowls but I can't remember at what stage I started doing it, he must have got to a point where he was more interested in the food than hurling things over the side. DS2 is definitely not ready yet so he'll have everything on the tray or preloaded on a spoon for a while yet...grin

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