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6 month old drinking hardly any milk

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verycherry82 Wed 13-Jul-11 18:55:16

I have also posted this in Breast and Bottle Feeding but am hoping you lovely ladies can help me as well!

My DS is 6 and a half months and is having 3 solid meals a day. He's taken really well to solids but I am struggling to get him to drink more than 10oz of formula per day. I know this is not enough and I am starting to get really worried that he is not getting the nutrients he needs.

Today he had 5oz of milk at 7.30am, a bowl of porridge made with 3oz of formula milk at 8.30am, nap from 9.15am until 11am. I tried him with a bottle at 12pm and he had 2oz which is all I could get him to take, he then had some solid food (chicken with veg and some fruit puree) and a pudding. I put him back down at 1.30pm and he woke up at about 3.30pm at which point I tried him again with a bottle and he took 2oz. He had his tea (salmon and veg and some fruit again) and pudding at 5pm and then would only take 1oz of his bedtime bottle.

I don't know if the fact he is teething is making sucking on his bottle painful but he is hungry as he is really enjoying his solid food and gets really excited when he sees the bowl and spoon.

Should I cut down on his solids in the hope it will make him drink more milk? Any advice would be much appreciated!!

Thank you!

Timeoutofmind Wed 13-Jul-11 20:43:13

Personally I would cut down on solids cos his milk is much more important at this age.

My DD is also 6.5mo and on 3 meals a day but I don't usually do puddings because I know it will fill her up too much.

RandomMess Wed 13-Jul-11 20:46:45

2 of mine became very unimpressed with milk once they were weaned!

Try cutting out one meal a day but he may just be a convert to real food?

Speak to HV or GP if you've any concerns.

Slainte Wed 13-Jul-11 20:58:30

I'm having the same problem so the last two days I have cut out lunch which has led to DD taking a full bottle then.

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