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Advice on Nanny Goat Milk please!!

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LynhewMattne Wed 13-Jul-11 10:01:37

Hi there, I'm new to Mums Net, and am desperately trying to find out info on Nanny Goat milk as it's been recommended as a last resort by our Paedatrician! My 23 week old daughter has tried everything from Aptamil 1, Pepti, Nutramigen, Comfort and has had terrible eczema, gut problems and desperate difficulty feeding until we switched her to the Nanny Goats milk 2 weeks ago - she is a different baby!! She now guzzles her milk in 10 mins and instead of it taking me 6 hours to get 25 ounces down her, she now has 7-8 oz per bottle in 10-15 mins each feed, she is a different little girl!! She is much more settled, less wind and much happier!!!
The only question I can't find an answer to, is the Omega 3 and Omega 6 content of it - as it's not marketed here as formula, Vitacare can't advise, As my little one is only 23 weeks, I am reluctant to give her salmon even though the Paedatrician says it should be fine. I'm just worried about allergies as she's been so difficult already!!! Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts?

narmada Sat 23-Jul-11 22:17:34

DOn't worry about the omegas, she'll get plenty when you wean her. It sounds like the goat's milk suits her. I bet formulas a few years ago didn't have omega oils in them at all.

If she is having food already, there's no reason the salmon should be any less suitable than any other food. People are obsessed with giving fruit purees for some reason, but there's nothing wrong with giving more hearty fare. FWIW, DS has a cow's milk allergy and so far, no others, so it's not inevitable that your DD will have other allergies.

EdithWeston Sat 23-Jul-11 22:23:29

Can you e-mail the manufacturer and ask? (It's a NZ company IIRC).

It hadn't been withdrawn when mine were small, and I used it for the odd supplementary bottle alongside EBF with no evident I'll effects whatsoever. If your paediatrician has recommended it, then I'd say you can use it without worry (doctor's advice trumps general recommendation every time). And perhaps you could also ask your doctor about supplements?

Finallygotaroundtoit Sat 23-Jul-11 22:34:09

As you are under the care of a Paed could your DD have donor mother's milk?

Milk banks sometimes have over supply and may be willing to let you have some - even if they can't provide enough for all her feeds, it may allay your concerns about the Nanny milk (which is not regulated in the UK as you know) if donor milk can make up at least a portion of her nutrition.

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