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Tongue thrust reflex at 5.5mnths?

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girlafraid Tue 12-Jul-11 13:05:03

DD still has this reflex present. Obviously a couple of weeks ago before I really need to start thinking about weaning but have tried her with tip of my finger a few times. We've also tried to give her calpol for a cold to no avail.

Is it normal for this still to be present so late?

naturalbaby Tue 12-Jul-11 14:15:25

my 3 all seemed to have lost it by 5 1/2months, my baby is now 5months 3 weeks and as I had a bit of trouble getting ds1 going on purees I gave this baby a weaning spoon to play with a few weeks ago and have been holding it out to him to practice. I started yesterday with a bit of fruit puree but he's been sucking/chomping on chunks of fruit for a few days to get started on tastes.

huffpuff75 Wed 13-Jul-11 22:13:16

Same problem with tongue thrust here at 5.5months, but seems to just be with puree (no idea if this is normal). Chunks/pieces of veg or fruit are all going in fine, so may be going down the BLW route

Vegasgirl Sat 16-Jul-11 09:36:57

DD didn't lose hers until about 6 months 2 weeks. I just kept trying some baby rice every couple of days until I could see it had gone.

She now eats everything at 9 months especially finger food. (I didn't try finger food when she had the tongue thrust)

hazeyjane Mon 18-Jul-11 14:56:17

Ds still has some tongue thrust at just over a year old (he has developmental delays). He is able to manage purees, mashed food and some 'bite and dissolve' foods, despite the tongue thrust still being present.

It never presented a problem with giving him medicine, he has had to have medicine since he was tiny, even when the tongue thrust was stronger. it may be that your lo doesn't like the taste of calpol, so is pushing it out. Ds couldn't stand the sugar free one, but is fine with full on sugar! The hospital also showed us a way to give him medicine, by putting it down the side of the mouth and letting it trickle down the back of their throat.

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