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Started weaning DD at 5 months (last week) she seems to be going off her milk though!

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PotterWatch Mon 11-Jul-11 10:43:27

I thought I would just give DD a lick of my apple and she grabbed my hand and sucked on it for ages, I decided that she was ready for weaning.

She has taken to it really well and as she is only 5 months, I was going to take it really slowly but she seems to be going off her milk a bit and if we offer her food, she loves it! I am only giving baby rice, carrot and sweet potato purees (although yesterday I had to give her some Heinz packet baby food as home made stuff was frozen, she had refused her previous bottle and was very hungry).

She has been having 1 small meal a day (mid morning with her bottle) for the first week, but I am finding now that she is bearly touching her mid afternoon bottle and wants food when we have our tea, she then does take all of her bedtime bottle (unless over tired and falls alseep before she finishes it. At this rate she is going to be on 3 meals a day after 2 weeks and the quantities are going to have to go up as well.

Is this moving too fast or is it ok? I weaned DS (3 years ago) at 17 weeks as he was a very hungry baby and bigger than DD is and need nit but I went very slowly which is what I was going to do this time but DD doesn't agree!

Also I know no gluten before 6 months but is there anything else (apart from the honey, nuts swordfish etc) that I should avoid? Not sure when I can introduce dairy and I am not asking my HV as DD has jumped centile lines and they are concerned so I haven't told them that I am weaning her yet, even though she has the average amount of bottles for babies her age.

InFlames Mon 11-Jul-11 17:04:41

At 20 weeks DS had small bit of baby rice and various puree veg and fruits, all individual to test tastes and any increase in his eczema.

Gradually increased over next 4 weeks to 3 meals / day, various finger foods and rice cakes.

Until 28 weeks was having 4-5 feeds a day (mix of BF and bottles, about 8oz in each bottle and 20 minutes of BF - in addition to 3 x small 'meals'.

Now at almost 30 weeks he's having 3 x 8oz bottles / day.

My humble advice would be let your DD lead you on amount of 'food' she wants but to offer her milk before any meals if that makes sense? Then she'll still be hopefully getting enough milk (500-600mls / day at 26 weeks-1 year).

With regards no-no's pre 6 months we waiting on dairy and bread until 27 weeks, and will be leaving honey til a year and nuts to 3 years due to eczema. Also leaving a couple of other foods as waiting on paeds dietics due to severe allergy to a few bits in DH and DSS.

Hope this helps!

Pussinglads Tue 12-Jul-11 13:53:17

Came here to write a v similar post.
DD is 5 months and I've been giving her food for the last few days. She's had a small (fairycake case size) portion of carrot puree, apricot puree and sweet potato puree - one each day, not altogether! Since then, she is refusing her bottle (FF) in the day, and trying to grab whatever I'm holding to eat. I'm also reluctant to give her more.

Today I put 100ml of her bottle in some baby rice and she wolfed that down, yesterday I put 50ml into her carrot puree, and I'll do the same later with sweet potato. Mixing it in is all I can think of doing. The other problem is though that she's waking 3 or 4 times in the night and guzzling a bottle (210ml), as she's not had enough in the day. Of course, this then means she doesn't want milk in the day. Aaaagh.


Marrow Wed 13-Jul-11 00:14:18

I started weaning DS about 6 weeks ago and had exactly the same problem with him. He was no longer interested in milk in the day but started waking up more frequently at night and guzzling. However six weeks in and he is now refusing foods and wanting milk! I feel like we are going backwards!

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