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23 month old doesn't like food!

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abudhabi Sun 10-Jul-11 08:50:49

Please help before i lose my mind!! My nearly 2 yr old will hardly eat a thing - a full meal has never passed hi slips...he just say NO!!! and then screams, often until he is sick!!! All he will eat are yoghurts and pretzels, with the odd piece of apple or water melon! He loves milk and we water skimmed milk down so as not to fill him up! This doesn't work!! he is a really happy boy and it doesn't seem to bother him...although he wakes up several times a night and im sure this is due to hunger. We constantly put new foods in front of him and always eat as a family..nothing seems to help! We have recently added vitamins to his milk because we are worried he is not getting the nutrients he needs.
Has anyone got any top tips or ideas to help me. Im so worried about him.
many thanks x

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