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One year old only eating liquids

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wahwahwah Sat 09-Jul-11 20:59:11

Oh dear. My friend is staying with her one year old daughter - who only eats liquidised food spooned into her mouth. She won't even pick up a spoon or try to put food into her own mouth and screams blue murder when she is hungry. Poor mum has to chase her around with a spoon, shoveling in the 'food' as she yells at the top of her lungs.

The child is perfectly healthy, has no reason not to eat 'proper' food but just won't. She has a fit is you try to present her with a banana or piece of cucumber.

Has anyone had similar feeding issues? The mum is completely exhausted and frazzled with the feeding time antics.

mnistooaddictive Sun 10-Jul-11 04:43:30

I would leave a plate if healthy interesting treats round the room to be discovered! Don't make a fuss but put them where she will find them. Breadsticks, pieces of cut up fruit, rice cakes, etc. She may just suck at first rather than eat but persevere. I wouldn't chase her. Explain if she wants to eat, she sits at the table. She won't starve herself but it us a power struggle she is currently winning!

Zimm Sun 10-Jul-11 18:37:42

When you say one year old do you 12 months, 23 months or somewhere in between? I think a lot of 12 monthers are still mainly spoonfed and not perhaps huge fans of finger food, although she really should be having chunkier food at that age. 23 months would be more of a worry. I was actually spoon fed liquid food until 18 months as i had a tendency to choke and my mum was terrified! I'm fine now :-)

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