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How do I get 7mo dd to eat anything other than fruit, fromage frais and toast?

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ellesabe Thu 07-Jul-11 11:53:42

When we started weaning we gave baby rice and veg purée which she did eat but never in any great quantity. However when introduced to fruit and yoghurt she eats like there is no tomorrow and if I try to offer any meat/veg she gets really annoyed and wants to know where the good stuff is! I obviously want her to have a balanced diet and it feels like I've already tried every trick in the book but part of me just wants to give her what she likes as I don't want her to make herself hungry. Will she gradually like meat/veg and what can I do to encourage it?

lolabanola Thu 07-Jul-11 12:37:08

My daughter is 10 months, when i started weaning her i wouldn't give her anything sweet through fear it would just make her want sweet things all of the time! Now she has her dinner ( meat, veg, mash etc) and I give her a treat afterwards, ie, some banana, fromage frais etc... she's learnt that the good things come only when she has finished her meal. Your daughter is obviously willing to eat things that aren't sweet as she will eat toast, why not try her on slices of avacado, cucumber sticks, cheese sticks etc just so she gets the taste for other things? Then you could start to incorporate small bits of chicken as finger food? Really can't be much help as i know how hard it is to try and get a baby to do something when they don't want to!

Zimm Sun 10-Jul-11 18:46:17

I had this problem. So I used to alternate a spoon of yoghurt with a spoon of savoury. Eventually she got a taste for the savoury....

pollyr01 Sun 10-Jul-11 19:07:58

hmmm I would find what she really likes and sneakily add a bit of savoury to it. so for example pear with some parsnip and cauli/apple with carrot (usually a winner).
also chances are she'll like cheese as she likes yogs and so perhaps something with a cheesy sauce (this can also be used to disguise chicken/fish etc introduce everything gradually and increase the balance of sweet/savoury a little bit each time, and it should come.
ill probably get shot down for saying this but the ella's kitchen sachets are a good half way house as while they say fruit/veg mix, if you look on the back they are mainly fruit. the orange one (stage 1) always a winner in my house, especially in the early days!

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