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6 month old

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mummytasha11 Wed 06-Jul-11 11:15:56

hi everyone,

what does your 6 month old eat in a day?

my ds has porridge for breakfast, a yoghurt for lunch and puree veg for dinner
he also has 4 x 7oz bottles during the day

also what foods can you give as finger foods, he loves sucking a sliced apple and raw carrots...what about anything else?

kellieb7 Wed 06-Jul-11 11:30:22

Hi, my 6.5 month old has most things with the exception of honey, whole nuts and uncooked egg (watch salt levels). I didn't do puree's and just mash her food, for example she had pasta with bolognese last night (she held the pasta and I spooned the sauce for her). I would just try the little one on whatever you are having and see how it goes. HTH x

CocoPopsAddict Wed 06-Jul-11 17:18:44

My DS loves nectarines and strawberries. Also toast and marmite cut into soldiers.

He is 7 months now... and eats similarly to your DS by the sounds of it. If you are not vegetarian you could introduce some meat with the veg for dinner, for the iron.

Timeoutofmind Thu 07-Jul-11 20:25:57

My DD has porridge/weetabix/fruit/toast for brekkie

Then veg purees for lunch and dinner. I also give her finger foods with each meal. the finger foods she likes are mango,cucumber, melon, pitta bread, roast peppers and courgette, peach, banana, avocado

I plan to try her with some more 'grown up' foods next wk such as omelette, scrambled egg, rice cakes with the purees on top, fish fingers with breadcrumbs taken off, tuna, chicken strips and see how she gets on with these

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