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Will DD EVER drink from a cup?

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beancounting Sat 02-Jul-11 22:15:22

Or indeed from anything other than a boob?? she's nearly 12 mo, has been offered sippy cups/doidy cups/beakers etc etc since 6mo and still doesn't drink from them. She grabs them enthusiastically and gives every appearance of drinking like a pro, but when she puts them down there's no reduction in the amount of liquid left hmm.

In desperation I've just started trying her with cows milk and juice in case it was the contents she didn't like, but no luck. I've just gone back to work so really need her to start drinking on her own - last week she started at nursery and had precisely nothing to drink (and no food either) the entire time she was there. I was able to do short days and collect her early and give her a big BF straight away, but I can't do that indefinitely - anyone have any advice?

beancounting Sat 02-Jul-11 22:15:56

forgot to say she's never taken a bottle either [sigh].

MooM00 Sun 03-Jul-11 10:46:19

Dc3 refused all bottles and cups until last week at nearly 12m she went on nursing strike. After about 24 hours of sipping water she gulped down half a cup (no lid) of 'normal' milk and started drinking water well from her free flow beaker. I stopped trying with the bf after 3 days as I was trying to give up anyway! So maybe your dc will take milk or water from a cup when she needs to.

VeronicaCake Mon 04-Jul-11 09:58:56

No she'll never drink from a cup. It is going to be awful for her at dinner parties when she refuses a drink on the grounds that she only drinks breastmilk straight from the source.

I'm sorry to tease you. We found DD went from not drinking at all to drinking lots from a cup pretty much over night at some point around 12m. She just seemed to clock it and will now glug back happily from a sippy cup although her preferred drinking vessel is whatever glass I am currently drinking out of. She also likes drinking through a straw (and blowing bubbles).

Refusing food and drink when starting nursery is common. I honestly think if you try and stay calm and offer lots of cuddles and milk when you are around she'll start to relax and be happier trying new things.

beancounting Tue 05-Jul-11 21:26:18

Having had to nip out to the nursery at lunch today to give her a breastfeed my colleagues have been "reassuring" me that they're sure she'll have cracked it by primary school! smile

Thanks both, I keep thinking it should be a gradual progression and am worried that she doesn't seem to be getting anywhere so it's good to know that it can happen very suddenly. I think the nursery are relaxed about her not eating but are a bit more concerned about the drinking, especially as it's quite warm at the moment. I'm sure you're right that when she settles in she'll be fine, and she is probably picking up on my anxieties as well so will try and relax a bit more.

newbielisa Wed 06-Jul-11 23:36:02

My dd , 12m is also a boob fiend but over the last couple of months has had the odd sip from a free flow baker or our glasses. 2 weeks ago we were out longedr than expected with limited drink with us and resorted to buying her a fruit shoot hydro(i know i know but consoled myself it was the hydro version). She glugged at it, think it was the mechanism of the sports cap bottle.., she's always really struggled with the being a baby malarkey. have since bought a nice pink sports cap bottle a la matalan and she's even pointing to it when she wants some. Oddly She now drinks more from normal beaker as well. Who knows how her mind works.

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