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Would just like to check about quantaties please...

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greeneone12 Fri 01-Jul-11 18:31:27

Hi All

Just a quick check that what we are doing is normal/ok.

Yesterday for dinner LO had two large cubes (A Karmel trays) of veg stuff. Tonight she has had half a small square of bread with hummous and half a peach (as she lovingly rejected a tomatoe chicken thing I cooked)! Is that a problem?

I just don't feel as if her quantaties are very consistent. Breakfast she happily puts away loads of cereal but lunch and dinner are often so different one day to the next.

Cue ritamorgan saying 'it's fine, don't worry'!


fraktious Sat 02-Jul-11 14:53:06

How old?

I'm of the food for fun up to one school of thought. Maybe some days she is hungry, some she isn't, some days she likes what she's given, some she doesn't.

It sounds totally normal.

TittyBojangles Sat 02-Jul-11 19:43:16

I agree, sounds normal. I have no idea how much a cube of veg is. And I have no idea of the real quantity my DS (8mo) puts away as we are BLW so a lots gets mushed/thrown on floor/in his hair etc etc.

Today he has had 'some' quiche.
About 6 tablespoons of yog at a rough estimate.
1 weetabix.
Half a plum.
2 slices of papaya.
A couple of breadsticks.
2 dairlylea triangles.
1 banana.
Peanut butter on toast (about half a slice ish).

I'd say that volumewise this is probably an average day. But some days I can't fill him up, will easily eat 2 weetabix in one sitting. Other days he just looks at the food, I don't think it is what I am offering, just that he might not be in the mood, or it teething, or tired, or distracted, or one of any number of mysterious things.

They are all different, and in the words of RM, it's fine, don't worry!

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