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Introducing solids & BF'ing

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clarejane Fri 01-Jul-11 17:20:28

DS is almost 7 mos, EBF & we have started introducing solids in the last few weeks - fruit, veggies, yoghurt etc. He currently BF's at 8ish (then nap) 11.30ish (then nap) 2.30ish, (then sometimes a nap) 5ish and bedtime. Plus at least one BF overnight. Dr says that by 9 mos he should be on 3 solid 'meals' a day plus about 3 BF's.

I am struggling with when to offer solids so that a) he is hungry but not starving b) he is awake c) it doesn't interfere with him taking as much BM as he needs and d) we can move towards a breakfast / lunch / dinner pattern of solids. Kellymom recommends offering solids an hour after BF'ing but he is generally napping by then.

I am not schedule obsessed at all, the pattern of his day is what he has settled into and we have to have some flexibility as I freelance and we travel regularly. I just feel that it would be good to get him onto his 3 meals at normal breakfast / lunch / dinner time so we can eat as a family etc. - right now it's pretty random!

Any suggestions re timing solid meals and adjusting BF's much appreciated! Thank you.

MooM00 Sat 02-Jul-11 10:29:54

I think that if you carry on as you are things will sort themselves out over the next couple of months. Maybe start offering one meal at a regular time and work up to 3 but as long as you're happy that he's getting enough bf then you don't need to worry.He is really little still and my dc3 didn't eat much til 9 or 10m. Have you looked at the BLW book or Aitch's BLW online (there's a link on the MN weaning advice page). It is easier in the longterm if the dc eat with you but you can work towards that if you're finding it difficult to fit in with bf at the moment.

TittyBojangles Sat 02-Jul-11 20:01:07

My DS is 8mo and this is our usual routine, though like you I am not really a routiney person and so it is pretty variable. He sometimes feeds at 4.30am ish and sometimes not so this does effect the morning a bit. TBH I tend to bf as and when I feel he might want some and deal with the solids seperately i.e. I don't purposely offer at specific times, but the day is USUALLY like this:

If bf at 4.30 am
wake at 7am
then 'breakfast' at 7.30am,
bf at 8.30am,
nap 9-10.30am
bf 12pm
'lunch' at 1 ISH
nap 2-2.45pm
bf at 3pm
nap 4.30-5.30 ISH
'tea' at 6pm
bf and bed at 7-7.30pm.

If no bf at 4.30am then
wake and bf at 7am
breakfast at 8am
nap 9-10.30am
bf at 11am
lunch at 12pm
continue as above.

Today though for example I was at work so we did:
wake at 7
bf at 8am (just before I left)
breakfast 8.30
nap 9-10.30
snack 11
lunch 1
nap 2-3.30
bf 4 (when I got home)
bf 5.30
tea 6
bed 7 (didnt want bf, but offered).

Sorry, I know thats probably NO use at all, I guess the moral of the story is not to worry, they are all different, bf will fit in wherever suits and they are pretty flexible really. DS went 8 hours today with no milk (doesn't take a bottle/cup) and was just fine.

TittyBojangles Sat 02-Jul-11 20:01:33

OMG massive post... blush sorry

clarejane Sun 03-Jul-11 03:00:46

No, this is very helpful - thank you!! Very few of my friends BF past a few weeks so it's good to see how another BF'ing mum does it smile Our day shapes up pretty similar to yours, but my DS is ready for his morning nap about an hour / 90 mins after he wakes so it's difficult to fit in a BF and 'breakfast'! But seems like the best thing for me to do is just RELAX smile I want him to be flexible so worrying too much about the times of meals is just going to be counterproductive. Thank you! Oh, and last night he slept through for the first time ever - yippeee!!! smile

TittyBojangles Sun 03-Jul-11 09:32:44

Glad it was helpful. And good news on the sleeping. I'd just try 'breakfast' after his nap then, or whenever you have time.

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