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Advice on taking milk feed from a cup- please tell me how you do it/ did it

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lizardqueenie Wed 29-Jun-11 19:23:44

Hi there

DD is 8 month old, quite happy to drink water from a plastic cup with no lid on less so with the free flow spout but we get by.

Have been reading that I should be now using a cup for milk feeds. She has 3x 8oz a day so I was wondering if anyone could give any advice on how to start using a cup for milk feeds. Havent found a cup that is a) big enough for that feed b) with a free flow spout that the HV recommends.

Really appreciate ideas/ advice


lizardqueenie Thu 30-Jun-11 20:39:23

Anyone? Pretty please?

ihearttc Thu 30-Jun-11 21:47:52

I didn't do it at all! DS1 and now DS2 will happily drink water from a cup or free flow beaker but milk came from a bottle until he didn't have milk at all anymore. With DS1 it was by 16 months (But it was only 1 bottle a day at night) and DS2 is only 7 months so haven't even thought about it to be honest.

I was a dental nurse pre children so have a pretty good idea about dental hygiene etc and I know all the concerns about milk and bottles...the problems only occur if people let their children constantly suck on milk (or juice) from a bottle all day long. A bottle of milk drunk in about 5/10 mins 3 times a day is not going to damage a childs teeth as long as they are brushed properly (when they come through of course!).

I would take what the HV says with a very large pinch of salt and carry on doing what you are may get her to have some milk from a cup and thats great but I honestly wouldn't rush to get her on to a cup.

lizardqueenie Thu 30-Jun-11 22:31:35

Thanks very much for that heart, good to gear about your personal & professional experience.. She's just about got her first 2 teeth through.

MooM00 Fri 01-Jul-11 10:38:35

My dc1 and 2 drank a lot less milk from a cup than a bottle so we just used tomee tippee first cups. We didn't do cups until 12m+ for that reason. I agree with iheart that as long as it goes down quickly it can't harm their teeth. I did try the avent spouts with bottle for dc1 and just removed the valve but he didn't drink much and made a mess!

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