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What do your under-1s really ENJOY eating?

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BR44 Tue 28-Jun-11 20:04:47

My 9mo DS is not too bad with food but over the last week or two he has been decidedly less keen on trying anything that's not in his established canon of favourites - cheesy pasta, cheesy potato cakes, cheesy risotto.

I'm determined to stop myself falling in to the trap of getting him to eat other things I prepare by adding grated cheese, so I wondered what non-cheesy savoury meals your 8-12mo dcs really seem to enjoy? Breakfasts and puddings aren't a problem as he can't get enough of anything yoghurty or fruity and is happy with toast, finger sandwiches etc.

I have no problem with him turning in to a cheese enthusiast, but not at every meal.....

TuesdayMummy Tue 28-Jun-11 20:10:31

clementines - but the resulting nappies are awful
omlette - admittedly with cheese but other things too: ham, tomato, mushroom...
slow cooked chicken & chorizo stew with potatoes
sausage & mash
pasta & pesto

try giving him a little of what you're having while you eat at the same time. my DD (10mo) is always curious about what we're eating and loves it when we share with her

TheArmadillo Tue 28-Jun-11 20:54:18

omlette a hit here as well - usually cold and sliced up, we sometimes do cheese but also sometimes whatever needs using up (e.g pepper) or peas/ham etc

chicken, mash and peas - especially spicy chicken (nandos style)

toad in the hole with veg (usually peas and carrots) - I tend to seperate her sausages and batter and chp them into smaller pieces

spicy noodles with bacon/onion/carrot hmm - cheap smart price noodles without the flavour sachet (which has all the salt in) and with chilli sauce /spices [dh would like to point out that technically this was his dinner but madam insists on eating everyone elses food and turns out that she really loves spicy food]

roast dinner - she has some of the meat ( though tends to suck/chew it more than actually bite and swallow) roast potatoes/parsnips, yorkshire puddings, veg (again usually carrots and peas). She doesn't have the gravy though

chicken kievs, corn on the cob, oven chips (she eats corn on the cob surprisingly well and goes mental for it)

homemade burgers, bread roll, cucumber, pepper

pizza (usually with added chilli sauce - again technically dh's dinner but he's so fed up of her stealing it he does her some of her own) though I suppose its a bit cheesy.

dd is 10 months old and will eat basically anything that isn't broccoli or pasta. it surprises me as ds (6yo) was extremely fussy even when first weaned though is slowly getting better. We also do try to feed her what we/ds is having.

HarrietJones Tue 28-Jun-11 20:55:17

Pasta & pesto. Dd3 tends to eat a lot of fruit & veg though.

TittyBojangles Tue 28-Jun-11 21:37:31

Corn on the cob popular here too.

Omelette, scrambled egg, quiche (we have an egg rather than a cheese theme here).

Also fishcakes, anything on toast, roast dinners, chicken wings.

Nectarines/peaches/plums/apricots seem to be the fruits of the moment! And of course good old banana.... His little eyes light up when he sees me peeling one now!

BR44 Fri 01-Jul-11 05:42:09

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll keep offering him new things and I guess he'll get there eventually!

TadlowDogIncident Fri 08-Jul-11 19:57:16

Stuffed pastas

Anything with pesto

Avocadoes go down really well

Scrambled eggs


Greek yogurt (he loves this, he sees the pot and points to it and says "Eh! Eh" really forcefully)

And he loves fruit - grapes and cherries are it at the moment, so DH and I are very bored with stoning cherries and halving grapes!

Zimm Sun 10-Jul-11 18:44:45

Risotto a hit here - with some vege and tomato puree.

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