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Summery purees, mashes and mushes

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TheresAHuppoInMyHouse Sun 26-Jun-11 12:26:30

I'm struggling with adding variety to my 8MO DD's spoon-fed diet. She's had loads of fruit and veg purees, she tucks into mashed spuds, mince, tuna, ratatouille, pasta and sauce - it just all feels very wintery, and now the weather is nicer, I'd like to give her some more season-appropriate food. But I'm struggling for ideas (although she was perfectly happy to help me out with my ice-cream at the parish fete yesterday) blush

theborrower Sun 26-Jun-11 20:28:23

How does she do with finger foods? How about pieces of soft fruit (strawberries, banana etc), pitta bread with humous (my DD loves it!), sticks of cucumber etc, cherry tomatoes (cut in two) etc? Lots of salady things.

TheresAHuppoInMyHouse Mon 27-Jun-11 10:00:53

She's not yet got the hang of finger foods, although she merrily munches on larger bits if I give her a bit of help (ie guide them to/hold them in her mouth). The time has come! Tbh I've not been patient enough to give her the chance to learn, so this is a perfect opportunity. Thanks for the sensible idea.

Yesterday she had a mushed up piece of quiche, which felt more summery, and DP suggests gazpacho (!)

TittyBojangles Mon 27-Jun-11 10:46:29

We do BLW, but if you are looking for some summery finger food ideas then.... omelette with some grated veg in, little sweetcorn fritters/fishcakes/anything you can make into a pattie and fry, pieces of chicken/steak, king prawns. Avocado/cream cheese/tuna on toast/breadsticks/pitta/spoon.

TheresAHuppoInMyHouse Mon 27-Jun-11 16:01:16

Hm, she's been looking suspiciously at the cucumber sticks and cheese sticks she's been presented with at lunch and mid-afternoon snack .... this could take a while!

theborrower Mon 27-Jun-11 20:07:19

Don't worry - she'll get there! She has to learn and it sounds like a good time to start. And they get much more dexterous too as they get older - before you know it, she'll be picking up teeny tiny bits of food from her tray/ lap etc, having a quick inspection then munching very happily on it! You could also try little sandwiches (try cream cheese, avocado, grated cheese, or anything really) which are great for tiny hands.

VeronicaCake Thu 30-Jun-11 11:17:59

We've passed the end of the English season but asparagus go down well here and make a good finger food.

Also (and this is about the most Mumsnetty piece of weaning advice I think you will ever see) have you thought about bruschetta? It is easy to load up a nice piece of ciabatta with some basil and tomato salad, or grilled aubergine, peppers and courgette with garlic, or finely chopped fried mushrooms. DD loves this, though she tends to eat the topping before gnawing on the bread.

ellesabe Sat 02-Jul-11 19:55:47

Strawberry, apple and mint purée (mmmmm!)
Also I consider avocado to be a summery food and you can mush this with a whole range of things. My dd loves it but the only drawback is it really needs to be eaten immediately before it goes brown.

TheresAHuppoInMyHouse Tue 05-Jul-11 20:08:17

veronica grin that is fabulously Mumsnetty! I love it.

elles yes, I agree, the addition of mint to anything makes it nice and summery, and avocado is an excellent and simple idea.

I have found new reserves of patience which I didn't know I had, to persevere with finger foods, and she has started to reward me by managing to stuff some things in her mouth herself. Today it was steamed broccoli florets, tomorrow will be asparagus. She seems to enjoy looking at it and feeling its texture in her fingers, more than eating it. However, it's all part of the process, I spose!

A pea, leek and mint mush went down really well yesterday, with some minced lamb mixed with cumin, which I kid myself was a baby-friendly kofta type thing.

I want to introduce more fish (she's already had tinned tuna with mashed spud and cheese) - something like salmon or cod mixed with her veggie mush might count as summery perhaps?

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