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Is it OK to store baby food in ice cube tray?

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fireflyz Wed 22-Jun-11 22:05:59

I made a batch of fish and veg mix for baby but had run out of little pots to store it in so used an ice cube tray and covered it with cling film.
Does this sound OK? I keep the baby food on a separate shelf in the freezer so no contact with meat etc.
(Disclaimer - I am a neurotic first timer! smile

rodformyownback Wed 22-Jun-11 23:06:07

bless you NFTs with your PFBs! i remember it well...

course it's ok as long as the tray is clean. although if the clingfilm isn't airtight it will start to get freezerburn after a couple of days.
i freeze all my baby food in ice cube trays, then decant into dated, labelled ziploc bags so i can use the trays again. lots of pleasing little blocks in varying shades of orange. lovely.

theborrower Sun 26-Jun-11 20:34:42

I do the same as rod, I batch cook and freeze into icecubes, before putting into freezer bags the next day. really easy way to do it.

PS - I don't think you're neurotic!

sayanythingRogerjustrogerme Sun 26-Jun-11 20:39:31

I hope so, I've been doing it for the past 4 months.

Joking aside, I found those pots extremely fiddly and stopped using them. Now that DS (10 months) is eating bigger quantities, I bought silicone muffin trays so I can freeze bigger portions.

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