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Is it okay to enjoy your baby's food as much as them?!?!? New guilty pleasure ;)

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lourdes2011 Wed 22-Jun-11 14:08:50

So my LO is loving Babylicious food at the moment... & I have to admit I am too.
In each pack, there's two different meals and I'm finding myself giving him his and eating the other one myself. I can't help myself! According to the packaging it's all healthy, so I'm thinking if the baby food diet's good enough for Cheryl Cole....
If Victoria Beckham uses them on her kids, then it's probably the secret to her incredible figure, bump or no bump!
Anyone else enjoying baby food waaaay too much? Don't tell me I'm the only mum out there?

Octaviapink Wed 22-Jun-11 19:06:55

Good grief if baby food wasn't yummy why would they eat it?? I always remember a Frank Spencer episode where he was feeding the baby playing the 'one for Daddy, one for Jessica' game and practically vomiting every time he ate a mouthful. With hindsight I can only applaud Jessica's extreme good sense in refusing to eat any!

BooBearBoo Wed 22-Jun-11 19:41:16

Have you tried the Hipp Organic cocoa and vanilla dessert????!! Oh.My.God. I would actually buy it for myself - it is DELISH!

tigermummy35 Fri 24-Jun-11 21:47:50

Farleys Rusks for me, now I can put them in the trolley without feeling guilty, lol

LovePotatoes Wed 29-Jun-11 01:04:30

More times than not I end up finishing of my LO's desserts e.g custard, yoghurt, rice pudding. Its not going to do my waist line any good and with the breast feeds cutting down I need to be careful!!!! smile

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