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Weaning is not going well at all - could do with some advice

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justabigkidatheart Tue 21-Jun-11 19:44:41

Hi Everyone

I was wondering if someone could help me. My ds is 29 weeks tomorrow. I started weaning him at 26 weeks. Before I started weaning him, his milk intake was always below average (average being what is says on the formula box) however this obviously never bothered me because he put on weight, was happy and alert and had wet and dirty nappies, etc, etc. I always fed him on demand, however he was pretty predictable and fed every 2.5 hrs, taking around 4/5 oz 5 x a day between roughly 7am and 7pm and a dream feed at around 11pm.

So ds turned 26 weeks and I started introducing mashed food & finger food. I was always under the impression that you give milk first then solids inbetween and they will subsequently drop their milk intake when they are ready. We are now 3 weeks into weaning and he is pretty much screaming every time I try and feed him. I feel like I am over feeding him. I always give him his milk first, and solids at the least, 1 hr after he has had his milk.

Today for example, ds woke at 7.10 am. He had 5 oz of milk at 7.30am. I had previously been giving him his breakfast roughly 1 hr later however today I decided to try a little later in the morning. So I put him to bed at 8.50 for his 1st nap and he slept until roughly 10.20. I then gave him 4 oz of formula at 10.35am and 1 hr later gave him some porridge. He had roughly about 1 tablespoon and then subsequently proceeded to scream at which point I stopped feeding him. I tried to put him to bed for his 2nd nap at about 12.10pm and he would not go over (obviously this does happen sometimes however this time, it looked like he was in discomfort, you could tell he wanted to go to sleep, his eyes were shut and he was nearly over, but he kept yelling out, crying intermittently).

He had another 4 oz at around 2 ish, then around 4 ish, I tried him with some plum and pear, again screaming after about 1 tablespoon.

I don't know what to do?! Am I over feeding him? I have a dd and she weaned with no problems at all so why am I getting it so wrong this time. Sorry its so long. Any advice/reassurance will be greatly received. Thanks x

RitaMorgan Tue 21-Jun-11 20:01:52

Does he eat finger foods? Could it be he just doesn't like being spoonfed?

Are you feeding him in his chair on his own - or does he sit at the table when you and his sister are eating?

justabigkidatheart Tue 21-Jun-11 20:23:41

I have given him toast/pitta bread with hummous/cheese spread, sticks of cheese, rice cakes, etc Sometimes he will eat/suck on them, sometimes (more recently) he will throw them as he appears frustrated. He sits in a booster seat at the table with us for all meals.

Last night for example, I made his dd and ds tuna pasta and they ate at the table together. I tried, this time, giving his food first and milk a little later on thinking he has probably been too full from his milk. However after he had finished, he was really unsettled. Around 45 mins later I gave him 4 oz of milk. This settled him but when it came to bed time, he couldn't go over (like today). He wasn't crying so I left him for a bit (he always self settles) but after half and hour I picked him up. 10 seconds later, he threw up!

LaCiccolina Wed 22-Jun-11 12:48:50

To be honest it sounds like hes doing ok really if hes having toast etc. You sure youre not expecting him to do more because you have already done this once before so are forgetting to be happy with what he is doing?

Octaviapink Wed 22-Jun-11 12:51:55

He may well be frustrated - my own DS is at a similar stage at the moment and flings things on the floor when he can't get them to his mouth properly. Then tries to eat the plate. The only thing we have much success with is bread crusts! TBH if you're getting a tablespoon into your DS then you're doing pretty well - mine won't take a spoon at all! It will get better. Most of his nutrition needs to come from milk still anyway - these few weeks are about getting better at the necessary skills.

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